Sidi Motosport Boots

People love their feet. It's okay. It's natural. It's even spiritual. Feet take you on your journey through life. They're there for you when you're young and fleet, when powerful quadriceps thrust them down with the force of thousands of pounds per square inch, which they happily endure because they know they're propelling you through a flowering field where another pair of feet -- her feet -- happily are driving her towards you. And while you kiss your love and set forth the chemical processes that will complete your biological mission on this planet, your toes curl with joy and so do hers and your love is their love. Who wouldn't get a little misty thinkin' 'bout it?

Non-slip soles sport a heel for easy resting on pegs.
So it's natural to take special steps when caring for those important feet, which is why every sport, every conceivable activity has appropriate footwear. Basketball? High tops. Construction? Work boots. Loafing? Loafers. Clowning? Stilts. Sex? Nothing, or all of the above, depending.

But for motorcyclists it's always been the ubiquitous boot. That is, until now. A few manufacturers have decided to branch out into the world of the shoe, previously verboten both for boy scout bikers due to concerns about sufficient protection and to stylin', high-milein' bikers because, well, boots are too cool for school and therefore the automatic preference.

They come in pairs.
Sidi has some other ideas. Enter the Motosport Boot, which is called a boot but gets called "shrimp" by real boots because it's really a high top. After all, boots can be a pain. If you're in the cruiser crowd, then you're wearing those big work boots, or engineer boots, which work fine right up until the end of the day, after you've been walking 'round town in 110-degree weather, and when you take those bad dogs off you get a whiff of something that you're sure crawled into your boots and died but which actually turns out to be your feet, which you supposedly love. Now you'd willingly chop them off and trade 'em for a can of Glade.

Or you're a sport-biker and all day long you're doing things to tight curves on your motorcycle that'd make your girlfriend (or boyfriend, as the case may be) leave in a righteous fury, but you're sporting a pair of those weird multi-color, plastic-coated boots that make your friends think that all sport bikers are merely a speedy species of dork. So whaddaya do?

Reflective patches enhance nighttime visibility.
Motosport Boots. They're casual, easy to slip on and off, black and therefore beautiful, and they flaunt features for the fast and furious.

The shoes lace up quickly for a tight fit, and a nice fit at that. They were comfortable from the get-go, which has been typical for Sidi's products, at least for this tester, who sports pretty average back paws for a 195-pound, six-foot dude. When you're cruising the Autobahn at a buck with change, it's important that your toes aren't squished up, that your arches aren't aching, and that you're hooves are as snug as bugs in rugs, with good feel for the controls. This primary objective is executed nicely.

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