Roadgear Digital Tire Gauge

ROADGEAR Digital Hi-Tec Tire Gauge: $23.90

ROADGEAR Digital Hi-Tec Tire Gauge: $23.90

Seems like everything has gone digital these days. Speedos, tachs, tire gauges ... tire gauges? Sure, why not? Like that stupid "stick in a tube" design was ever that accurate? Correct tire pressure is far more important to a motorcyclist than a cager. It effects the way the bike steers, brakes, and rides, as well as influencing the longevity of the tires. Not to mention, the stakes are a lot higher if you lose traction. So might as well get it right, eh?

Roadgear's tire gauge is just as idiot-proof as the pencil types. You just stick it on the valve and it automatically wakes itself up and displays an easy to read number that persists for a few seconds after you remove it, then goes back to sleep. The built-in lithium battery lasts a lifetime according to Roadgear, and they'll even back that up with a warranty, so long as your lifetime doesn't last more than five years. Probably not a bad guess considering my lifestyle and chosen profession.

How does this doohicky work? We are told that it involves tiny elves found only in a long-forgotten, mysterious Glen in Ireland, captured with tiny lassos spun with gold thread, who have been brought to Roadgear corporate headquarters and trained to operate a smart-chip microprocessor that automatically knows to compensate for temperature, humidity and altitude variations, accurate to within 1% and measuring 5.0-99.5 psi in half-pound increments. Hey man, that's what they told us! For real! Well, except the part about the elves, we made that up ourselves.

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