Prexport RS1 Suit

... and protection for all.

Amid the gleam and roar of the latest and greatest 600s, we got a chance to try out a number of leather riding suits. One suit, the Prexport RS1, stood out as being the best bang for buck suit out on the track. Combining features such as shoulder vents and a catchy color scheme, Prexport hopes to lure you into their suits with Italian made, 100% full grain leather.

One suit, the Prexport RS1, stood out as being the best bang for buck suit out on the track.

From the rider's view, wearing a quality set of leathers can help in two ways. First, you feel safer. Second, you really are safer should you decide to part ways with your machine at high speed. Let's face it, when you're wearing leathers, you generally feel as though you're traveling a few miles-per-hour faster than you really are. As for the safety issue, there's nothing like a thick layer of cow skin and CE-approved armor to help bolster your confidence. So, how did the suit fit?

On the other hand, the suit would constrict our family jewels while standing. The boots featured strategically placed bits of carbon fiber.

Unfortunately, this is where we had the most problems. While the arms and legs were the proper length, the torso was on the short side, causing "comfort problems." Although this was not felt while riding, another fitment issue cropped up: The baggy chest area. However, compared to the groin squeeze, the chest poof was more of a niggle then a complaint.

Nevertheless, mobility on the bike was satisfactory and ventilation was excellent, no doubt aided by perforations and the shoulder vents. Although the armor was unobtrusive, the addition of a back protector would have been appreciated. We can whole-heartedly recommend this suit to the racer who demands quality but doesn't have the cash for a custom suit. However, we recommend the purchaser "tries before he/she buys" to confirm a proper fit.

Carbon Glove and 597 Boot   While a suit is nice, it wouldn't be a complete ensemble without matching gloves and boots. For that, Prexport has made the Carbon Glove and 597 Boot to match the RS1 suit. The gloves are essentially a step-up from their no frills Sport model, with the addition of copious amounts of carbon fiber on the top of the hand and knuckles. The leather in the gloves matches the suit's leather in softness, albeit in a thinner form. The gloves' breathability was surprisingly high, considering the large slab of non-breathing carbon fiber.      

The only problem we encountered with these gloves was color bleeding onto the palms of our hands when they got wet from rain or profuse sweating.   The 597 Boots are also made with the same full grain leather and features the same ventilation system found on the RS1 suit, this time on the side The gloves were surprisingly breathable and flexible. of the foot. The rubber shifter pads on top of the toe area proved effective in controlling the wear in this high-contact area. The boots fit slightly narrow in the foot but then tapers up to a correct opening mid-calf. Although tight at first, the boots stretched to fit our gams and became unobtrusive. The ventilation on the boots was excellent, exceeding the quality of the fit. Nevertheless, the boot's light weight and heavily reinforced ankle and heel area all conspire to make a strong boot package.

Motorcycle Online Rating:***1/2

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