Prexport 693W Touring Boot

The one thing you can't do in these boots is go for a long walk.  

The weather really went to hell here in Southern California. Rain or shine we still need to crank out shootouts and bike reviews, and we need weather gear. For boots we went to Prexport, who in the past has supplied us with very high quality racing boots. This time we asked for their 693W Waterproof Touring Boot.

Except for the large labels declaring "Prexport" and "Waterproof" on the front of the boot, the 693W is a stylish unit. Within a week we saw just how waterproof the boots were. Riding along the freeway through a torrential downpour, rain splashing off of car tires, our feet stayed dry. Even after standing in eight-inch-deep puddles, our feet remained toasty. 

The 693W is constructed of a breathable polyurethane-coated leather upper, heat-sealed to the sole. A waterproof Sympatex "sock" lines the inside. This makes for two layers of protection, so if water sneaks past the velcro seal and into the compartment where the laces reside, it's still one waterproof surface away from your tootsies.

A comfortable waterproof sock lines the 693W.

Another excellent feature are reflective panels on the back of the boots. If you tuck your pants inside, this is great. However, if you are not not among the fashion-challenged, and you prefer your pants to go over the boot, due to a thick trunk you'll need boot-cut jeans or zip-down riding pants.

In the World of Fashion there are no shoes like Italian shoes. The comfort of Prexport 693W's is transcendent. You could wear these shoes in front of the fire with your honey after a long day in the saddle. And if you are so inclined, you could even make sweet love in these boots.

The one thing you can't do in these boots is go for a long walk. At the Phoenix AMA round, the editorial tootsies took a beating while running around snapping photos of the racers. In the quest for light weight and comfort, the soles ended up a bit insubstantial.

Solid construction and a steel reinforced sole complete the package and allow us to give the Prexport 693W four stars. Some armor was sacrificed in the crusade for comfort, but the 693W's still have some rubber reinforcement in the shin area, and a lightly stiffened heel-cup. Altogether, it's a hell of a nice boot, just lose the giant name-tags on the shin.

Motorcycle Online Rating: ***1/2

Prexport Boots are available at
The 693W Waterproof Touring Boot is priced at $208.

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