My New Honda Minimoto Electric Pocket Bike

Last summer, when I was just one and a half, my daddy started to take me for rides on the back of his dirtbike. We have been on some pretty rocking long desert rides and cool mountain trails. During good weather, we go riding almost every afternoon. Our rides are a blast, especially the wheelies. However, now that I'm two years old, riding with daddy just isn't as cool has having my own scoot, especially when there are chicks around. After all, it's kind of embarrassing to be seen on the back of daddy's 954RR when I'm out trolling for pre-school babes. Anyway, for my second birthday, daddy got me a Honda Minimoto Sport Racer and it rocks the world! According to Yahoo.Com, it is the most requested Christmas present for the 2004 holiday season, and my Uncles at MO thought I should write a review.   The Sport Racer is an electric powered replica of a Honda RVT1000R "RC51".   The 150-watt DC motor is powered by an 18-volt battery and produces a whopping 0.2 HP and about 5 ft. lbs. of torque at the rear wheel.      Uh...Daddy? Why are we being chased by cars with "Child Protective Services" stenciled on their doors? The Minimoto's farings are emblazoned with authentic logos and sponsors of the Honda Racing Team. The bike has pneumatic tires (dad says that they are kind of sticky too), belt-drive, side and rear safety reflectors, and can carry a maximum weight limit of 175 lbs which means that daddy has to stay off of it and Uncle Longride can't get any closer than 10 feet. Suspension is fully adjustable at both ends with any bicycle pump. Go juice is added via a quick charging system that plugs into the wall. Controls are simple and intuitive: a variable speed thumb operated throttle and a standard hand lever that actuates a rear drum brake. The frame, swingarm and forks are tubular section welded steel. Dry weight is about 45 lbs.   

The Minimoto comes with a complete set of tools for quick and easy adjustments to the bike. A line of accessories is also available. Each Minimoto comes with a set of keys and has a unique "VIN" number stamped into the chassis.

The Honda Minimoto will allegedly go about 10 miles (or 8 hours) on a single charge. I found this to be sufficient for about 8000 laps of the hallway Performance wise the Honda Minimoto Speed Racer has a few limitations. It wheelies like a proper stunter, but stoppies are simply out of the question, due to a perplexing absence of front brakes. Maximum speed is 10 MPH, which is OK, because daddy won't let me ride it anywhere except inside the house. It will allegedly go about 10 miles (or 8 hours) on a single charge. I found this to be sufficient for about 8000 laps of the hallway. Cornering clearance is adequate, and if Alpinestars made leathers in my size, I'm pretty sure I could drag my little knees. In the mean time, I'm just working on my stand-up knack-knack wheelies. The only thing wrong with my Minimoto, is its total lack of sound. The electric whirring noises are so lame, that I made daddy get a recording of a real RC51 for a soundtrack. Even I have my standards.


 I like my Honda Minimoto Speed Racer a lot. Its cool, goes fast enough, gets great mileage, wheelies, and the chicks dig it. Daddy says that I'm ready to take on Uncle Ebass in a throw down at the WSMC kart track and that I can probably take on Uncle Steven at the big track since he will probably crash no matter how far ahead of me he gets.


That's about it for the bike review, but I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and I hope that you are all having as much fun and good fortune as my daddy and me. We went to the mall the other day to see Santa Claus and I gave him my wish list for all of the MOridians that I know: Valentino Rossi couldn't even carry my jock!

Uncle Sean - A big enough condo to set up his whole race car set so that I can come and play Aunt Ashley - A CR450F Uncle Eric - Hair Club for Men Uncle Buzz - A Honda Uncle Longride - His own fire truck Uncle Fonzie - A pony tail Uncle Steven - Six laps without crashing And health, happiness and best wishes for the New Year for all MOridians!

Daddy purchased this Honda Minimoto Speed Racer from, but that site doesn't work anymore. However, you can still get the bike for $199.00 from

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