MO Tested: REV'IT! Jerez 3 Glove Review

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

Wear what the pros wear

I’m very particular about the fit of my gloves. That in itself can make it difficult to find a pair that I’m truly happy with. When it comes to finding a pair that fits well with a one-piece suit, I hadn’t had much luck until the REV’IT! Jerez 3 gloves came down the pipeline. I was able to use the Jerez 3 with the REV’IT! Quantum one-piece suit, which ended up being one of my favorite suit/glove combos to date.

MO Tested: REV’IT! Quantum One-Piece Suit Review

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The Jerez 3 is REV’IT!’s top-o-the-line race gauntlet and can be found on the hands of top racers the world over. Think big names like HRC’s Alvaro Bautista and Ducati’s Danilo Petrucci. Protecting riders racing at those levels is no task to take lightly, and judging by the technicality of the Jerez 3, it’s clear REV’IT! has put in the research and development.

Construction consists mainly of two leathers: cow and ‘roo. Cow leather makes up the majority, with the palm and inside of the fingers made of kangaroo leather. The palm also features a large panel of Pittards WR100X goat digital leather that’s specially treated during the tanning process to enhance grip. From Pittards: “The WR100X tanning process permanently protects the leather fibres, both limiting its water uptake and helping reduce damage from perspiration.”

For impact absorption, the ulna slider, dual-comp slider on the back of the hand, and fingers are all backed with Temperfoam to ensure mobility while offering an extra layer of impact protection. Furthermore, a small area at the base of the ulna bone is protected with a layer of REV’IT!’s Seesoft CE-rated rubber blend of Nitrille and Polynorbornene. Extreme measures have been taken to keep the Jerez 3 glove sliding when in contact with asphalt versus catching. Both the back of the hand and ulna protectors are covered with aluminum, and each finger sports a plastic slider – with the pinky’s two on its side. The palm also features two TPU sliders backed with foam, with a third on the outer thumb. And if all of that armor doesn’t make you feel safe enough, the entire back side of the glove is lined with Kevlar.

The glove fits with a slight precurve that makes it feel natural when gripping the handlebar, and the floating knuckle and accordion-style stretch panels on the fingers add to its dexterity. The soft pliable kangaroo leather palm not only adds to the comfortable fit, but also gives great feedback at the controls. You have some perforations between the fingers, but there isn’t much venting elsewhere. That being said, I never felt overly warm while wearing them during scorching SoCal trackdays.

Whether you’re wearing REV’IT! From top to bottom or not, the Jerez 3 is a substantial glove more than ready to duke it out against the likes of Dainese’s Full Metal 6 or Alpinestars Supertech gloves, to name a few of the juggernauts of the high-end race glove market. At $389.99 they’re also the cheapest of those three, but not by much. I’ve used all three of the aforementioned gloves, and the REV’IT! Jerez 3 mostly gets the nod because it fits me exceptionally well. They are all pretty advanced in their construction, but at the track, if you asked me to choose one, it would be the Jerez 3 for its fit and the level of protection it offers.

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Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

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  • Patriot159 Patriot159 on Apr 23, 2020

    Ha ha, sounds like me. Finding the perfect glove is why I have over a dozen pair by eight different MFG's. Have a pair of Spidi race gloves that are close to perfect and also had Held Steve gloves that were very good too.

    • Ryan Ryan on Apr 23, 2020

      The Spidi Carbo 4 was another really comfortable glove that fit well for me.

  • TC TC on Apr 24, 2020

    $390? Only a highly paid online motorcycle magazine writer could afford such an extravagant purchase. I have been wearing the same Olympia gel gloves for the past 10 years.