MO Tested: Racer Multitop 2 Review

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

A racy gauntlet for adverse conditions

All of the Racer gloves I’ve tested have easily stood by the claim of the best fitting gloves you can buy, and the Racer Multitop 2 is no different. Much like Cinderella and her glass slipper, I slipped the medium-sized gauntlets on and whaddya know, a perfect fit. I typically wear a large in most European brands and MX gloves, but mediums have always fit me spot on for Racer gloves. As someone who’s easily bothered by ill-fitting gloves, Racer’s consistency is a welcome surprise in a market where different styles of gloves can fit in vastly different ways even interbrand.

The Multitop 2 is one of Racer’s waterproof offerings that not only provides a waterproof lining but exceptional protection. As the name suggests, the Multitop has been around for some time and is now the second iteration of the popular glove that debuted in 2007. The Multitop 2 combines Racer’s focus on top-level protection with all-weather usability.

The Multitop 2 is comprised of a cow leather upper with kangaroo leather making up the palm. The carbon fiber knuckle guard that aids in sliding and abrasion resistance sits on a “floating” leather panel to not distort the fit of the glove while in motion. The fingers are also backed with extra padding and carbon fiber. Along the outer edge of the glove to the tip of the pinky an extra layer of leather is used to provide more protection where it may be needed most. Additional padding is found in the palm and is supplemented with a Kevlar under-weave making this all-weather glove more than capable of race-ready applications.

A breathable waterproof membrane is integrated into the glove to turn the Multitop 2 from a race glove to an all-weather gauntlet. The Velcro closure around the wrist, as well as the Velcro gauntlet closure, provides a comfortable seal for riding. During my time with the Multitop 2, I’ve ridden through nearly 15 hours of some of the most intense rain I had ever experienced. I passed multiple cars in ditches; some were abandoned and some were active accidents. When I arrived at my hotel after a solid 14 hours of driving rain I noticed some moisture had leached its way into the glove. I had been wearing the gauntlet over my rain suit even though I know better. Tuck your gauntlets into your rain suits, people. How do you expect them to keep you dry with water dripping down your arms into them? I won’t knock the glove for that one as they have kept my hands dry during other rain-soaked rides.

At the end of the day, whether you want it for waterproofing or just for warmth, the Racer Multitop 2 is a solid race-ready glove that is super comfy, warm, and protective for $150. I’ve been waiting for the month or two per year when SoCal gets cold and/or moist enough to use these gloves, and that time is finally here.

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Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

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  • Appliance5000 Appliance5000 on Jan 11, 2020

    Love my racer high racers, but I see curious shortcomings here: No pinky bridge, and no palm sliders. Maybe pinky bridge is debatable. but palm sliders aren't. Curious because my high racers have both.