M2R Helmet

M2R Helmet - Model MR1000: $149.95 solids, $159.95 graphics

While the Shoei's and Arai's of the world do the noble work of providing for the high-end needs of those that can afford $300- $500 for a helmet, someone has to step up and protect the proletariat! The MR1000 is extremely lightweight, reducing neck fatigue, yet providing ample protection to satisfy the usual governing bodies. The removable interior padding is comfortable, if not opulent. Dome ventilation is provided by twin intakes that can be opened or closed, with matching exhausts. The chin vent is kind of a funky split design that I found difficult to manipulate with gloves on. This is the helmet's only glaring weakness in my eyes. Not really sure what they were going for there but I wish they would have kept it simple.

The strap of the D-ring fastener doesn't snap down but I was able to stuff the end up between the ring tether and helmet padding to keep it from whipping around. No biggie. The face shield is not of the pop-off variety, but is easily removable without tools. You just twist off the fastening plate and off it comes. 

Bottom line, M2R has produced a DOT approved, SNELL M2000 certified head shed that won't have you riding your bike to the welfare office. If it's bells and whistles you're looking for, you came to the wrong place, but if you're on a budget and/or prefer a lightweight helmet, and can remember to open the chin vent before you put your gloves on, then the MR1000 is worth looking into. Available in a wide variety of colors and graphics.

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