Here at, all of our staff wear earplugs every time we ride. We value our hearing, and we want to make sure we can hear our bikes’ exhaust note for years to come. Consequently, we’ve tested tons of different types and brands of earplugs. What’s really cool is that, after seemingly generations of little movement beyond the foam plugs of old, we’re currently in a period of technological growth in earplugs. 

MO Tested: EarPeace Earplug Review

After our positive review of EarPeace earplugs, EarPeace reached out to us to see if we’d like to create a limited edition product for our fellow MOrons. After receiving a prototype that has the logo on the earplug container, we knew we had a hit on our hands. So now, you can carry a little bit of MO with you when you ride, showing that you’re a discriminating motorcyclist.

Motorcycles And Hearing Loss

Wearing earplugs means that you’re aware of the danger to your hearing that riding a motorcycle poses. At 65mph wind noise inside a full-face helmet can exceed 100dB. OSHA has defined 85 dB as the intensity beyond which there is the potential for permanent damage to your hearing. In other words, the longer you listen to sounds above 85 dB, the more cumulative damage you will suffer. Hearing protection is an extremely important part of your motorcycle gear.

The red filter reduces the intensity of the sound that enters while not making it muffled, like a foam earplug would.

According to EarPeace, it’s “filter technology allows a small, precise amount of unobstructed sound in so you will hear clearly and safely. Perfect for lowering engine and wind noise so you can still hear the comms under your helmet. Comfortably maintain situational awareness and decrease fatigue.” Our field testing has proven this to be true. So, protect your hearing while still enjoying all the sensations of the ride.

Order the Limited Edition EarPeace earplugs for $23.

(Note: The Limited Edition set includes 3 earplugs preloaded with high protection filters (20dB). It is not a collection of three containers as photographed above.)

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