KBC Super-X Helmet Review

Helmet designed for Pro MX and Off-road

I recently had the opportunity to test out the BMW F650GS here at Motorcycle.com. Since I didn’t currently own an off-road helmet, we thought we would try and kill two birds with one stone by doing a product review of both the helmet and the motorcycle.

KBC’s top off-road model, the Super-X, was designed to be stylish while also being functional. The aerodynamic ridges and contours blend with anodized alloy hardware with a variety of designs available to cater to the taste of each rider. The tester I had was the white and gold version, that wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice but it certainly did stand out. It is simply a personal choice. I don’t mind doing shots of Goldshlager, but having little golden flakes emblazoned upon my helmet is a little too flashy for my liking. 

The shell has been constructed using an advanced alloy resin, resulting in a high energy absorption helmet that either meets or exceeds SNELL/DOT standards. The helmet offers a fully adjustable visor with anodized hardware and a tinted visor extension, which I found didn’t really do much and just looked plain silly when pulled out into the extended position. When removed, however, the adjustable visor looked good and worked well at blocking the sunlight from my eyes.

The dual-intake ventilation system was designed to efficiently draw, circulate, vent and control airflow providing ultimate comfort and seemed to do so without issue. The removable, washable Duralux liner offers customizable padding which assists with proper fitment. Also, a wide range of sizes are available from XXS to XXL so finding one that fits properly shouldn’t be a problem. Slower, more technical riding would be the ideal use for this helmet as higher speeds made the wind catch hold of the visor and tilt the head backwards. The fit and finish doesn’t necessarily compare with many helmets available on the market today, but then again, neither does the $189.95 price tag.

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