Joe Rocket Classic '92 Jacket Review

Jon Langston
by Jon Langston

As one of the best-known manufacturers of motorcycle gear, Joe Rocket has carved itself a nice niche in the industry. What’s extraordinary about that niche is that it’s all-inclusive. It’s not gear suited toward a particular style of riding or a certain type of rider.

Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Jacket

Editor Score: 75.0%
Aesthetics 9/10
Protection 6/10
Value 9/10
Comfort/Fit 9/10
Quality/Design 9/10
Weight 7/10
Options/Selection 5/10
Innovation 6/10
Weather Suitability 7/10
Desirable/Cool Factor 8/10
Overall Score75/100

Instead, Joe Rocket’s niche lies in that it produces quality gear across the spectrum, from sporty jackets and gloves to bulletproof full-face and half-helmets to serious leathers. Despite the company’s numerous racing sponsorships, its casual cruiser wear is nearly as highly regarded as its sportbike gear.

Look, it’s easy to get a bargain, but you’ll be wearing a bargain. Is that the kind of motorcycling protection you’re really after? By the same token, pay through the nose for high-end quality, and you can end up so protective of your investment you’re hesitant to use it for its intended purpose.

Instead, Joe Rocket offers excellent gear that’s a step above the cut-rate products littering the market and at prices considerably less than those of chic luxury brands. Yes, you can still get quality motorcycling gear without spending as much on your outfit as you did on your bike.

Take the Classic ’92 jacket. With its top-stitched 1-1.2mm drum-dyed cowhide and its contemporary quasi-retro cut and styling, it’s both well-made and good-looking and could easily pass for a pricier product. But with a retail price starting at $319.99, the Classic ’92 nicely fills the void between high-end luxury item and bargain-basement apparel.

It’s a quality product, as evidenced by the use of YKK zippers throughout, with the main front zip backed by the protection of a wide storm flap. And it’s functional. It features several handy pockets, including two inside, a zippered one on each breast and a small, zippered key nook on the right forearm sleeve.

The right forearm features a small zippered pocket, perfect for holding keys.

Its fully quilted, full-sleeve zip-out liner feels like a cozy sweater instead of a cheap windbreaker because it’s made of a cotton-y fabric, not some typical sticky nylon-ish material. Even better, on steamy days the liner doesn’t stick to sweaty arms, so there’s no fighting to remove it. Despite not being sold with armor, it includes compartments for their placement in the shoulders, back and elbows.

Fitment shouldn’t be a problem, as the ’92 has adjustable snaps on either waist and two-snap adjustable wrist closures. It also features a two-snap adjustable mandarin collar that should readily accommodate any neck size. That collar is comfy, too; while many shorty collars can pinch or chafe, especially while riding, the ’92’s is lined with plush neoprene.

A neoprene liner helps prevent the mandarin collar from chafing.

Festooned with shoulder quilts and white racing stripes on the biceps and across the back, the ’92 is styled in a trendy faux-café mien that will likely run its course eventually. But it’s still a good look for the times we’re in. Anyone who wants to but hasn’t yet jumped on the slim-cut leather jacket bandwagon should consider the ’92.

The Joe Rocket Classic ‘92 comes in black only, $319.99 – $335.99, depending on size (small-3XL).


Jon Langston
Jon Langston

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