H-D Flame Gear


Harley-Davidson Fireworks Boot $115
Harley-Davidson Flame Leather Jacket $375


Not that I ever keep much hidden, but I must come forward to confess that I'm a "flamer" (We already knew that -Sean), but only when it comes to biker gear. So don't get any ideas, Highwayman. Nothing conveys a sense of "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" attitude like flames, which has made them a classic motif for bikes, hot rods, lemmings and of course related items of apparel including these offerings from The Motor Company.Would you buy a used car from this guy?

Harley's Flame Jacket is built out of mid-weight cowhide leather with a quilted lining in a traditional "biker jacket" style. The cuffs are zippered for ease of entry and egress and side tab buckles allow you to snug or loosen the waist area, depending on how many tacos you just snarfed at Sister Mary Burrito's. A zip-up rolled collar will protect you from the elements if need be, but can be zipped down to reveal chest hair, gold chains, tattoos, tassles, or whatever you got underneath the hood. Pocket capacity is adequate, as three front pockets and two inside zippered pockets are provided for life's little necessities.

So far, I'm describing just about every leather jacket you've ever seen. However, what makes this gear stand out, I mean really stand out, is the custom-look flame embroidery on the jacket's back and sleeves. "Ride Free Harley- Davidson". It's big, it's bold, it's brightly colored, and it has flames all over it. I think I've died and gone to poseur heaven!VOTE or DIE!

Hold on St. Peter, I'm not coming, till I try on the matching boots! An attention getter if ever there was one, these 7-eylet babies sport multi-hued flame detailing stitched onto the sides of a sublimely comfortable lace-up full-grain leather work boot. The padded heel collar gives a cushy fit and the heavy-duty stitching and Goodyear welt construction mean these bad boys are built to last. Harley's oil-resisting rubber outsole helps to keep you from slipping on the stoplight sludge too.

The H-D-branded metal side toe rands and silver Bar & Shield logo give the boots a no-nonsense look and let the world know that these hot-rodded kicks are officially sanctioned by The Motor Company. I really appreciated the little touches as well, such as the sunburst pattern around the lace eyelets. I was at first concerned about the way that real world biker wear would effect the look of the boot, but because H-D left the toe section black, marks from the toe shifter can be easily erased with some shoe polish. Harley boots always seem to run big, so I ordered these in a 9, though I normally wear a size 10, and they fit perfectly. If this rebel-without-a-cause-on-fire look doesn't get the chickadees flocking around you, then you need to change your deodorant

The boots feel great for walking or riding and are very plush on the inside. The heel gives you close to a 1" lift and Ashley the Webmistress actually got upset when she realized that I was temporarily taller than she was. If you're the shrinking violet type who doesn't want to draw attention to themselves, then these obviously aren't the boots for you. However, my empirical testing revealed that most guys want to know where they can get a pair, and most strippers, errr... I mean women, find them to be irresistibly kewl. So if you're looking for a conversation starting pair of footwear that also functions extremely well, then you might just have found yourself a new pair of kicks.

Here's the bottom line Morons... If this rebel-without-a-cause-on-fire look doesn't get the chickadees flocking around you, then you need to change your deodorant, assuming you use deodorant, or at least shower. I'm gonna hope I don't need to get that remedial on your ass, Romeo. Now do yourself a favor, go find a mirror and do something about that food in your beard!

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