Harley-Davidson MotorClothes Fall 1998

Harley-Davidson has announced the fall lineup of their MotorClothes branded line of clothing and accessories. This is the sort of thing that would normally be relegated to a short blurb in our New Products page, but for this intro Harley-Davidson pulled out the stops and did something very dear to our hearts: They bribed us.

They started by letting us into the Petersen Automotive museum for free (a $5 value) to gawk at all the cool displays. Then they laid out a gourmet buffet on the roof, featuring killer kabobs and fruit tortes. Finally, before we went home, we received a bag with a baseball cap, fanny pack, keychain, coffee mug, and a pair of H-D boxers. Cool.

The fashion show? It was interesting, kind of like something out of Details Magazine, but with a little too much West Hollywood and not enough Milwaukee. What the hell, though. We're not complaining, not with our new pair of H-D boxers. We're easy.

Another of Helen's favs was this Basic Skins vest. We liked the T-shirt. Here are a couple of T-shirt styles from RK Stratman. Ah, we've been here before. This trashed hotel room was a display for Exquisite Apparel's H-D loungewear (silk boxers and other wussy stuff).

Helen wasn't crazy about Harley's new line of racing clothing. She preferred the simpler styles they had chosen in the past.

Before the show, while munching on apps and enjoying the open bar, we checked out some of the displays by some of H-D's suppliers. This is Wolverine Boots' outdoorsy boot display. We brought along Helen (the babe from our Open Twin Cruiser comparison) to help critique the fashions. The leather and jeans display was in an industrial cityscape.

Her favorite piece was the classic brown leather jacket, and she said the long-sleeved white T-shirt combo was something she'd "buy for her man."

FXRG is Harley's mysteriously named line of all-weather riding gear. Having figured out that many of their riders don't feel like looking dorky when it's wet, they came up with this snazzy stuff. The ladies suits were given a big thumbs up by Helen ...

We thought our own model for H-D's El Camino Jacket looked more authentic. This guy looks as though he thought he was auditioning for the Village People. You decide.

... but the menswear still looks like the same old blocky rainsuits. At least the reflective strips work well.

Neither the hip-hop ski hat nor the baggy clothes did a thing for Helen. She thought it was aiming a bit young and urban for Harley's target market. We're willing to bet that most hardcocre Harely fanatics don't own many rap CDs.

The staff had no trouble paying attention for the next few presentations. This year Harley emphasized leather pants with these lace-up jobbies along with several styles in the lineup. Helen thought the hip-hugger/white T-shirt combo was "quite sexy."

Here we have the Clutch Jacket, a two- tone V-Neck Sweater, Leather Jeans, and a nice rack.
Another pair of Harley's killer leather pants, with a stripe that starts on the jacket, continues on the shirt and ends up back on the jacket again.

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