Frye 8-inch Engineer Boots

John Burns
by John Burns

Aren't those what the Harley guys wear?

I don't know about you, but I for one feel pretty damn silly walking around town in red boots with plastic toe sliders and things all over them. You need your Alpinestars or your Sidis or whatever for the track, but what are you going to wear on those days when you're just riding your bike in the course of normal human events? Those are the times that try men's soles.

I like these here Frye 8-inch Engineer boots very much. Aren't those what the Harley guys wear? I suppose so, but I've worn this type of boot forever on sportbikes, and once broken in they're as comfortable and give back just as as much control feel as anything--plenty for street use anyway.

The 8-inch Engineers I picked out from Frye's web page are made from thick leather, with oil-resistant neoprene soles (thick enough to make me 5'8"), and already feel sweet right out of the box. Those adjustable straps aren't just for looks; they tailor the boots to the shape of your foot and calf.

frye 8 inch engineer boots

Frye claims to be the oldest bootmaker in the U.S.,since 1863 and, being non-discriminatory, made boots for both sides during the War of Northern Aggression. They're probably not going anywhere should you have a complaint. I have none, except maybe that I spend quite a bit of time looking like Sheriff Taylor since pants legs tend to get caught up on the boot tops; maybe the 12" model is the way to go if that bugs you. Either way, $140 for these babies, in "Gaucho" (dark brown) feels like a bargain.

Motorcycle Online Rating: ****

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