Ducati Hi-Tech Jacket Review

Jacket blends fashion with function

I recently tried out the Ducati Hi-tech jacket, which is the third evolution of Ducati's Motard style jackets. Made by Dainese, the jacket was constructed to combine the comfort and ease of fabric jackets with the strength of leather.

Protection is achieved by a body and outer sleeve sections of leather with thermoformed outer shoulders and removable elbows and shoulder protection that is CE approved. I have yet to notice the reflective inserts on each sleeve and along the back intended to provide additional safety since I have only worn it riding during the day, but its good to know they are there, I suppose.

A fixed lining guarantees durability while a removable thermal micro-down insert allows this jacket to be used year-round. Although it will seem blasphemous to some, I donned this Ducati attire during my testing of the Buell 1125CR which had my six foot frame bent over in a pretty aggressive stance. Aside from being on the snug side, which could easily be rectified by purchasing a larger size, the jacket is comfortable. It started off a bit stiff but quickly softened as it became worked in and conformed to my body. The jacket offers great fit and protection without looking like I’m wearing football equipment underneath, as is the case with some.

Elastic inserts on the shoulder blades and armholes give the rider flexible movement while still maintaining a safe, snug fit. The jacket also features adjustable waist buckles, two front outer pockets and a button collar with the collar itself having a padded trim for comfort. The cuffs fit securely with zippers and buttons which I find to be too constrictive, but some riders may prefer it.

The Hi-tech jacket features a white band design that continues around the back of the jacket with "Ducati" on the chest, right arm and back, with the left arm wearing the tri-colors of the Italian flag. I normally avoid plastering logos and brand names on my attire, but the branding on this jacket, while notable, is not excessive. Those proud of their Italian nationality or that of their bike will likely dig it a great deal.

The jacket is versatile, fitting in easily on the street, track or local hangout. While safety is key in this jacket, Ducati never forgets style. Therefore the Hi-Tech leather jacket blends the safety of a technical item with the design of a fashionable one.

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