Doc Martens' 2A42Z Exposed Toe Cap Boot

This story's style is written in jest, if it offends you, you need to lighten up
--The MORons

Doc Martens' 2A42Z Exposed Toe Cap Boot: $140

Anyone who's owned a pair of Docs has had this conversation . . . or maybe it's just me:

Cletus: Hey, them thar look like them fancy Doctor shoes with steel in the toes, right?

EB: Uh, yeah dude. They're Doc Martens. But not all of their boots come with steel toes.

Cletus: Well how about them thar ones? Do they got steel in the toes?

EB: I don't know man. Hey, I just bought 'em 'cause I like the way they look. I'm not a construction worker, alright. It wasn't really a big selling point to me anyway.

Cletus: Well I's just askin'. Mind if I feel 'em to see if they's the ones with steel in them thar toes?

EB: By all means Haystack. Why don't you just lean over, put your hands on your knees, and get nice and comfortable while I take a few steps back here. You'll be feelin' 'em soon enough.

Cletus: Well now hang on there just a gol darn minute! I may be dumb, but I ain't stupid! Just wait right thar while I go fetch my brother Billy Joe Jim. . . who's also my cousin . . . and my uncle . . . heck, he might even be my Daddy, Ma gets awful drunk sometimes. Now HE'S stupid! Billy Joe Jim, c'mon over here. I got a feller who's gonna kick your ass to see if he's got steel in his shoes!

At this point all 400 lbs of Billy Joe Jim gets up from the bar and starts moving my way with bad intent. I contemplate my options for about ten nanoseconds and decide to eschew the steel toe test in favor of conducting an experiment on the traction properties and drag co-efficients of the Docs as I haul Yankee ass out of the bar.

Of course this whole ugly scene could have been easily avoided had I been sporting a pair of Doc' 2A42Z exposed toe cap boots. The 2A42Z has marked a revolution in DM technology. In the not-so-distant past, hooligans had to kick hundreds, possibly even thousands of semi-innocent people's asses to give their boots that authentic "lived-in" look. And by that time, fashions had changed and it was time for a new pair. Ugh, back to the ass kickings! Now DM has created a classic-look boot with their famous yellow stitch and grooved translucent sole, but with a twist. The toes have been scoured off to reveal the mythical steel toe that has made stought men whimper and mohawked girls swoon for generations.

Granted, the looks of these boots seemed to get a strong reaction from everyone I asked. Sometimes positive, sometimes not. But the folks who said "not" were backing away real slowly while they were saying it, so that should tell you something too. As far as motorcycle readiness, I found them to be equally at home on sport bike or cruiser. The unpadded uppers are flexible at the ankle for shifting. The 8-hole lace-up style provide a snug, secure fit that can easily be adjusted to taste, and the tread offers a solid grip on the macadam. Oh, and for the spec weenies in the audience, the 2A42Z's traction was more than sufficient to handle the torque created by my anti-Billy Joe Jim evasive maneuvers, and the drag co-efficient was 0.4.

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