CruzTools Toolkit

Toolin' down the Highway

Everything's fine, you are enjoying yourself, riding along that great highway or backroad. The purring of the motor is sweet music to your ears, or is it? Was that a little clunk that you just heard, a ticking noise perhaps? Fear and insecurity rush into your head. Where was that last town that you passed? Did they even have a mechanic, much less a motorcycle dealer? Everyone has felt the pangs caused by mechanical gremlins and mishaps at one time or another, yet most of us still ride with the puny toolkit packed under the seat by the manufacturer. Or worse yet, none at all. CruzTools, of Scotts Valley, California, has a solution to aid your woes. And it's all packaged in a neat, convenient storage bag.

 We called CruzTools to obtain one of their toolkits specially formulated for Harley-Davidson Big Twin and Sportster models, none of which come with a toolkit as standard equipment. Breaking down and pushing bikes back to the Motorcycle Online headquarters is not something we enjoy, and our tour to Sturgis would provide us with an excellent chance to see how well the toolkit would perform not only in roadside emergencies, but for on-the-road maintenance also.

Aside from toolkit standards, like combination wrenches in all relevant sizes, the CruzTools kit included vice grips, allen head wrenches, spark plug gapping tool and even Torx wrenches to allow you access to almost every area of your Harley. There is also a shop rag, gas hose and space for spare spark plugs in the roll out pouch. All the tools are from American manufacturers like Snap-On screwdrivers, combination wrenches, allen keys and Torx bits, and K-D spark plug tools. The locking pliers are even genuine Vise Grips. The combination wrenches come in 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", and 3/4". Hex keys range from 5/32" to 3/8". The heavy vinyl pouch is equipped with brass rings so you can hang the tool set on the wall of your garage when not on the road.

CruzTools perform well in regular situations, like adjusting handlebars and tightening bolts that rattle loose. Where the thoroughness of the kit comes in to play is during the unusual situations, like when the shift shaft on our Bad Boy started to seize up. With the CruzTools in hand, we were able to disassemble it and lubricate it while on the road.

Although we found the CruzTools kit to be well thought out and thorough, we would recommend putting a few pairs of latex or cotton gloves in the kit, a small can of spray oil and a sample-sized tube of grease; after all, if you are going to break down on any motorcycle, even a Harley, you are probably going to get greasy fixing it. CruzTools lived up to their claims, but unfortunately the premium tools included in the kit also dictate a premium price. If you don't mind dropping $159.95 on a toolkit, you will be rewarded with a four-and-a-half star (out of five) item. For the rest of us, the CruzTools receives 3-1/2 stars when budgetary concerns come in to play.

You can order CruzTools from your local dealer, or contact CruzTools directly at: CruzTools
P.O. Box 67353
Scotts Valley, CA 95067
ph (408) 439-8340
fax (408) 439-8345

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