Buell Charger and T-Storm Helmets

Two Black Helmets That Let You Show Your Colors

Buell owners wishing to show their pride in the marquee will be interested in two new helmet offerings from the innovative firm.

Buell's new Charger and T-Storm helmets are manufactured by Shoei, combining that manufacturer's quality with the Buell name and Pegasus emblem.

Buell's Charger lid features a fiberglass shell with an attractive matte black finish. Both the Buell emblem and Pegasus logo are featured in a gloss black finish that looks stylish against the flat background. Vents are used both on the chin bar and forehead area. The Charger is both DOT and Snell 95 approved.

Buell's Charger helmet scores points for its excellent fit and finish. We were impressed by the tough coating of its exterior that showed no signs of scratches or nicks after being dropped. A more traditional painted helmet probably wouldn't have faired so well. However, the Charger's surface is difficult to repaint, although if you wanted a painted helmet you would have bought one right? Another strong feature of the Charger is its low price. At just $260, it is very reasonably priced for a signature-series Shoei.

Also available from Buell is their T-Storm helmet. This is actually Shoei's popular RF700 model that we've previously reviewed. Styling is similar to the Charger with a matte black finish, but differs in its graphic decals that feature a brushed metal appearance. Visor removal and installation is simplified with Shoei's quick-release system, negating the need for tools. Like the Charger, the T-Storm is both DOT and Snell 95 approved.

Buell Charger by Shoei
Buell T-Storm by Shoei
We preferred the softer, more plush liner material of the T-Storm over that of the Charger. Another nice feature on the T-Storm was a visor lever that allows you to keep the shield ajar - the perfect solution to fogging visors. We also really appreciated the T-Storm's low noise level that makes long rides less fatiguing. This is definitely one of the quieter helmets we've ever tested.

On the down side, its brushed-metal graphics look a little cheesy - we liked the embossed gloss black graphics of the Charger better. Also, the chin bar area was taller than on most helmets, forcing the rider to shift his head to view instruments on most bikes.

Price of Buell's Charger helmet is $260, while the T-Pro retails for $350. Contact Buell at http://www.motorcycle.com/cgi-bin/redirector?www.buell.com/buell.htmlfor ordering information. Or stop by your local Buell dealer.

Motorcycle Online Rating: ***1/2

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