Bestem USA Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover Review

Sportbike moto-jewelry priced nice

In the cruiser world, chrome is the bling of choice for customization. In the realm of sportbikes, carbon fiber components rule. Developed for aerospace and motorsports, carbon fiber is prized for its extreme light weight. Components made from its exotic black weave pattern are the ultimate moto-jewelry for sportbikes.

Bestem USA is a fairly recent player in the carbon-fiber market, coming on the scene about six years ago. Currently, Bestem carries more than 1000 carbon pieces developed to fit bikes from many different OEMs, and it also produces components for several European brands. In addition to carbon fiber products, Bestem also sells CNC levers, rear-sets, luggage liners, chrome backrests (for cruisers) and T-Box top cases shipped from its Atlanta warehouse.

Ducati Stock Clutch Cover

Since carbon and Ducatis go together like coffee and cream, I ordered up a clutch cover for my 20-year-old 900SS. Its stock steel clutch cover was ventilated with slots and holes (no oil with a dry clutch) before I acquired the bike, and its silver finish looked awfully weathered and grungy. Even though my Duc is nothing near a show bike, its dowdy clutch cover was an obvious eyesore.

The clutch cover I selected retails for $69.95, which might sound like a lot for a piece weighing about as much as a potato chip, but it’s actually quite reasonable when compared to other sources of carbon-fiber bits. I’ve seen prices for similar carbon parts more than twice as high. Not only is the finish quality exceptional, Bestem’s carbon parts are also blessed with a six-month warranty, something it claims no other carbon manufacturer offers.

Bestem Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover

Four bolts and a few minutes later, the right side of the old Supersport’s V-Twin never looked better. All of Bestem’s carbon parts are made from pre-preg carbon fiber and are either cured in autoclave chambers or, like this clutch cover, pressed into shape under steel molds. Parts are trimmed with a robotic machine, swathed with a UV-resistant clear coat and then hand-polished to a gleaming finish.

And if the glossy sheen is too shiny for your tastes, Bestem USA is coming out with a line of matte-finished parts under its new Stealth Carbon Fiber line. These new components will first be built to fit Ducati Monsters and Harley-Davidson V-Rods before migrating to other models.

Check out Bestem USA to find parts for your bike.

Bestem Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover Ducati

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