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Loud pipes save. weight

The reality is that the first thing many people do when they buy a sportbike is to change the exhaust. While it’s getting harder and harder to do this legally (many exhausts will say “For off-road use only”) that hasn’t stopped folks from pulling off the stock, quiet pipes and replacing them with lighter, louder pieces. From a performance standpoint, replacing an exhaust makes sense; lighter is better when it comes to sportbikes, and who doesn’t like a little improvement in power?

What we’ve gathered here are some of the top exhausts from companies who make both full systems (from headers to end cap) or simply just slip-on systems. Because the examples below are not model-specific, the pricing will vary depending on what you’re trying to install it on.

Graves Performance Bundle

The Graves Performance Bundle is aimed at the sportbike enthusiast who is looking for a serious performance package for their race/track orientated motorcycle. Included in this bundle is a FlashTune Data-Link ECU Flashing Kit that is designed to unlock a multitude of functions hidden within your OEM ECU and a Graves Full System Exhaust that is tuned to improve exhaust sound and add extra horsepower. Some bundles include other parts and/or accessories to further enhance your motorcycle.

The Flash Tune Data-Link kit includes a bike side harness that permanently installs to your motorcycle and a USB adapter harness that allows you to make changes to the OEM ECU. With FlashTune’s software, you can remove restrictions that the factory must put in place to meet strict street vehicle regulations. By flashing your ECU you are able to tune your bike without interfering with critical correction factors. The Data-Link kit combined with FlashTune’s software not only allows control of fuel maps, but also functions such as rev-limiter, top speed limiter, O2 sensor on/off, AIS valve and fan on/off temp.

Graves Exhausts are designed and developed using the same technology that has powered the Monster Energy Graves teams to consecutive AMA Superbike championships. The Graves Everlast packing produces an exhaust note like no other and holds up longer to the extreme conditions of a high-revving motorcycle. Graves incorporates advanced welding processes to reduce oversized welds that can cause excessive heat buildup. Mandrel bending is used for all Graves exhausts to prevent wrinkles and ovalization of the exhaust pipes. All of this combined not only streamlines the appearance of the exhaust systems but saves a huge amount of weight compared to the stock exhaust!

Shop for the Graves Performance Bundle here

LeoVince GP Corsa Exhaust System

If you ride a smaller displacement motorcycle, don’t fret! The Leo Vince GP Corsa Exhaust System was developed exclusively for the 250cc to 500cc motorcycle market and offers a perfect balance between look, performance and price. The GP Corsa allow riders to shed massive amounts of weight when replacing the stock exhaust. Its end cap, internals and connecting pipes are all completely manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel. Heat resistant fiberglass packing is used to guarantee reliability and longevity. Its round design both enhances sound and improves exhaust gas flow for your lightweight machine, leading to an even bigger grin of your face.

Shop for the LeoVince GP Corsa Exhaust System here

Yoshimura R77 Race Exhaust System

One of the most recognized names in the sportbike world, the Yoshimura R-77 Exhaust System was designed with the needs of the racer in mind. Using the feedback received from the Yoshimura Road Racing Team, their designers came up with a muffler that is constructed from lightweight materials, grants a significant boost in power thanks to its high-flow trapezoidal shape and gives your bike a great sound without being excessively loud. When combined with the stainless steel headers and mid-pipes, the muffler will help your engine make even more power and reduce weight. The end result is a complete exhaust system that will let your motorcycle reach its maximum potential!

Shop for the Yoshimura R77 Race Exhaust System here

Two Brothers M2 Black Series Exhaust System

True to its name, the Black Series Exhaust is constructed with a black Teflon coated cast magnesium end cap, black billet aluminum inlet and outlet, and black canister reinforcement bands. Like all other TBR M series exhausts, the Black Series features innovative V.A.L.E. system and X-Lite retaining ring which assures a perfect, leak-free connection between the muffler and mid-pipe.

All exhaust pipes of the Black Series Exhaust Systems start life as .035″ thin wall #304 stainless steel tubing. #304 stainless steel, a lightweight austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel which has low thermal conductivity properties and is corrosion-resistant, even in the harshest environments. TBR then took this versatile alloy and infused it with their stepped exhaust technology. The stepped header system forces the exhaust gases to travel through incrementally larger diameter exhaust pipes on its way to the muffler. This design creates a vacuum effect that forces hot exhaust gases out, allowing your engine breath better while simultaneously increasing horsepower, torque and throttle response.

Every little detail of the Two Brothers Black Series Exhaust System has been considered, allowing you to reap the benefits of TBR performance and sound.

Shop for the Two Brothers M2 Black Series Exhaust System here

Akrapovic Racing Exhaust Systems

The Akrapovic Racing Line has been designed specifically for demanding riders and represents an ideal balance between price and performance. The exhaust systems are dramatically lighter compared to stock exhaust systems and feature exceptional production quality and increased engine performance combined with pure racing sound output. The headers and mid-pipes are constructed of high-quality stainless steel conical tubes with precision handcrafting. A special process known as hydroforming is used in the manufacturing process. This process injects pressurized water into each tube to form the ideal shape for optimum exhaust flow without causing creases or compromising the strength of the steel.

Akrapovic Exhaust’s unique design enables them to obtain the maximum output for each specific model of motorcycle, while significantly reducing overall weight. It’s not just about peak power – Akrapovic exhaust systems deliver increased performance throughout the entire RPM range. Increased power and torque result in a much smoother ride. All Akrapovic exhaust system measurements are formulated on in-house computer-controlled flow benches.

The Racing Line is identical to Akrapovic’s top range Evolution Line exhaust systems, with the major difference being the material that is used for the headers and mid-pipes. The headers and mid-pipes of the Evolution Line are constructed exclusively of titanium while the Racing Line uses stainless steel.

Shop for the Akrapovic Racing Exhaust Systems here

Arrow Race-Tech Slip-On Exhaust

The Arrow Race-Tech exhaust features a unique, diamond shape muffler, allowing the Arrow Race Tech exhaust to have reduced dimensions compared to traditionally shaped exhausts. The exhaust also features a significant weight reduction without having to compromise internal volume which would reduce the exhaust note. The internals of the exhaust are made of stainless steel and assembly is completed by TIG welding on special jigs. The rear end caps and gas outlet are designed to optimize gas flow and minimize backpressure.

Arrow’s exhaust technologies are a direct result of their research and development through racing in MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, World Superbike and countless Enduro Rallies.

Shop for the Arrow Race-Tech Slip-On Exhaust here

Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust

Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhausts give your bike a more aggressive look and sound, and have traditionally been some of the loudest slip-on exhaust systems we’ve run across. Weight is reduced and airflow is increased resulting in more power, better acceleration and quicker lap times. All of Competition Werkes Exhausts are TIG welded by hand in the USA, resulting in a decidedly custom look reminiscent of modern GP machines. Only high-quality, laser-cut 304 stainless steel is used due to its durability and rust resistance.

Shop for the Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust here

FMF Powercore 4 Slip-On Exhaust

Long known in the dirt world for its exhaust systems, FMF is also involved in street exhausts, too. When designing the PowerCore 4 Exhaust, FMF took a hard look at their top of the line mufflers to produce race-inspired performance at a more economical price. The end result is a quality muffler that delivers improved torque, increased horsepower and rugged durability all at a price that won’t break the bank.

Shop for the FMF Powercore 4 Slip-On Exhaust here

Akrapovic GP Slip-On Exhaust

The Akrapovic GP-styled Slip-On is a high-performance exhaust that takes design cues from the exhaust found on the factory Yamaha M1 MotoGP bike. Made from titanium, this exhaust system results in a boost in performance and noticeable weight reduction.

It’s not just about peak power, Akrapovic exhaust systems deliver increased performance throughout the entire rpm range. Increased power and torque result in a much smoother ride. All Akrapovič exhaust system measurements are made on Akrapovic’s computer-controlled flow benches.

Shop for the Akrapovic GP Slip-On Exhaust here

Yoshimura Alpha T Works Slip-On Exhaust

The Works Alpha T Street Slip-On features Yoshimura’s Works finished muffler sleeve that takes on a unique coloring after it goes through a heat cycle. This special finish treatment increases fatigue strength, scratch resistance and just looks cool.

Yoshimura R&D of America is proud to introduce Alpha line of exhaust. The Alpha Exhaust’s styling, fit and finish are the results of investments made in technology and decades of experience with the latest in digital design capabilities. The unique Tri-Oval design is especially striking from the rear, where the large-diameter carbon fiber end cap and well-integrated, draw-formed, slash-cut outlet can clearly be seen. But there’s more to the Tri-oval design than its cutting-edge appearance. Along with improved lean-angle ground clearance, this shape allows better use of internal volume to produce the deep, distinct exhaust note Yoshimura is known for.

Shop for the Yoshimura Alpha T Works Slip-On Exhaust here

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    Many years ago I'd read about aftermarket exhaust systems that actually increased power. I don't see that anymore, factory systems got more efficient. Today money just buys more noise, not more power. There may be exceptions out there today but I haven't seen them.