Best Motorcycle Product of 2013

Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

Dunlop Q3 Tire

Carbon Fiber Technology, or CFT, is the catchy buzzword Dunlop is using to advertise its latest street/trackday tire, the Q3 reviewed here. The successor to the popular Q2, we were initially suspicious whether Dunlop would be able to better the appealing Q2, but it did. And in impressive style. CFT refers to carbon fiber filaments reinforcing the sidewall of the tire. This in turn provides enhanced stability under braking and at maximum lean angles.

More than just marketing hype, the Q3 delivers. The confidence provided by the new tire is remarkable and especially noticeable when riding Q2 vs. Q3 back-to-back,. With the Q3, late-braking maneuvers are encouraged, as is finding your personal limits of lean. There are a lot of great tire options currently on the market, but the Dunlop Q3 strikes the best balance of grip and durability we’ve ridden in 2013.

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Best Product Honorable Mention: Ready Ramp

There’s no better feeling than purchasing an item then realizing over the course of ownership that it’s performed exactly as advertised and that you’ve unequivocally gotten your money’s worth. At least that’s how we feel about ReadyRamp, the combined tailgate extender/motorcycle ramp.

By blending the obvious needs of loading a motorcycle into your truck and ensuring your cooler doesn’t get left on the freeway when transporting the motorcycle, the ReadyRamp negates owning a separate bed extender and ramp. We’ve been using the ReadyRamp to load and haul everything from a Harley-Davidson Sportster to a Triumph Tiger Explorer. Constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum and rated with a 600-pound load capacity (which we’ve exceeded on several occasions) the ReadyRamp has taken everything we’ve thrown at it and looks no worse for wear.

Two needs satisfied by one product, the $270 ReadyRamp is a practical purchase for owners of a pickup truck and a motorcycle.

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Kevin Duke
Kevin Duke

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