Most motorcycle manufacturers don’t seem to put much consideration into the design of their turn signals, and many of the ones who do aren’t allowed to use them on their US models; thankfully the aftermarket has both problems covered. Available in a series of designs, aftermarket signals can be sleek for streetfighters, classic for cruisers, or even discreet for sportbikes. Now, with the proliferation of LEDs, signals can be incredibly slim and incredibly bright. All with little draw on the electrical system. Here we’ve collected a small sampling of LED signals for nearly every kind of motorcycle.

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Rizoma Club Turn Signal – $77-$87

The Rizoma Club’s compact and sleek bullet shape is perfect at giving your motorcycle that custom bike look. Inside each turn signal are bright LEDs that are further enhanced by the crystal clear lens. The body is billet aluminum with a waterproof seal. Available in amber/red or amber/white for front or rear applications, the indicators also include resistors.

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LighTech Sequential LED Turn Signal – $72.40

Formerly reserved only for high-end European automobiles, sequential LED turn signals have finally trickled down to motorcycles. If you like the idea of each diode coming on a fraction of a second after another, LighTech has you covered. There are seven LEDs per signal, and the housing itself is constructed from durable ABS plastic. These signals will fit 8mm mounts and are sold in pairs.

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Speedmetal LED Lighted Tip Turn Signals – $29.99

The Speedmetal LED Lighted Tip Turn Signals deliver a sleek look to almost any motorcycle thanks to their universal design. Once lit, the light can be seen from the front, rear and the sides. At $29.99, the Speedmetal turn signals are a very economical way to upgrade the looks of your motorcycle.

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Motogadget m-Blaze Disc Bar End LED Turn Signal – $113.00

Using TranzLight-Technology, the transparent disc integrated into this bar end plug becomes the light itself. When the signal is switched off the bar end is a subtle and stylish finishing detail. As soon as the signal is turned on an extremely bright light will instantly gleam towards the front and rear of the bike. The bar end signals will fit most 7/8″ and 1″ bars with inner diameters of 14mm-21mm. The housing is made from aluminum, while power consumption is rated at seven watts.

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New Rage Cycles Rage 360 Turn Signals – $85.00 – $95.00

Talk about a clever and stylish approach to turn signals! The NRC Rage360 Turn Signals install directly onto your fork tubes without the need for adhesives, zip ties nor screws. They offer a very wide spread of light making you more visible to the traffic around you, thanks to bright 1mm LEDs. They can function as running lights or turn signals, and are available in multiple fork diameters.

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Custom Dynamics ProBEAM LED Rear Turn Signal Inserts For Harley – $109.95

Utilizing advanced LED technology, the ProBEAM LED turn signals maximize performance with a unique reflector technology and automotive-grade LEDs in a sealed unit for superior reliability. Building upon the famous Dynamic Ringz, ProBEAM turn signals utilize automotive grade LEDs to produce an even brighter light output with a wider viewing angle. The outer ring of 16 red ProBEAM LEDs showcase a smooth red halo that functions as the running light while 12 center red LEDs provide a full-contrast brake and turn signal light for maximum visibility.

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Kuryakyn by Kellermann Bullet 1000 Turn Signal – $89.99 – $98.99

The Kuryakyn by Kellerman Bullet 1000 Collection redefines the classic bullet-style turn signal. A clean, streamlined housing combined with modern LED innovation produces a powerful package worthy of any motorcycle. Features Kellermann’s HPT (Homogeneous Projection Technology) for uniform, spectacularly bright light output. The metal housing ensures durability, and they can fit into M8 x 1.25 x 20mm mounting threads. The signals are engineered and made in Germany and come with a three-year warranty.

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SW-MOTECH LED Turn Signals for Kobra Handguards – $70.95

A cool addition to the SW-MOTECH Kobra Handguards, these optional integrated turn signals feature 16 LEDs per indicator, each drawing 1 watt. These signals will surely enhance your visibility and can operate as running lights or turn signals depending on how you wire them. Sold as a pair.

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