Axio Tekno Hardpack

The legendary prognosticator, Nostradamus, made over 1,000 predictions in his lifetime, including the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler, as well as reigning for years as the Rock, Scissors, Paper Champion of France before the league disbanded after salary cap issues led to a players' strike and fan disillusionment. I happened to be curiously thumbing through a few of his quatrains when I stumbled across the following passage: "Someday, we will all live in a miraculous age. In a world where fast and nimble two-wheeled vehicles known as "motorcycles" will allow us to travel to and from work with amazing mechanical brains known as "laptops" strapped to our backs, securely encased in hard plastic skulls known as "Axio Tekno Hardpacks". And it will be good." Whoa! I mean that whole Hitler thing was impressive, but dayum! This guy is so money, he doesn't even know he's money!  


In fact, it was just the other day that I received my Axio in the mail. The Tekno Hardpack is specifically designed to securely transport PC laptop and PowerBook computers up to 17 inches, PDA's, iPods, CD or MP3 players, and other electronic devices. The pack definitely has some "bling" to it and one of my recent (paid, inflatable, dia-A? -Sean) dates actually got a bit jealous, as I was stopped three times on the way to the bar by people wanting to know where I got this luxurious laptop lugger. The combination of a padded inner pouch and interior straps with that snazzy looking lightweight plastic hard shell affords ample protection for your hardware. I've transported my Apple G4 Powerbook to-and-from work for the last three months with nary a glitch.  The pack's curved shape, padded backing and adjustable shoulder straps make it as ergonomically sophisticated as it is stylish. I honestly forget that I have it on when I'm riding. 

This bag has guts too, as Axio pulled out all the stops with a bevy of inner compartments and zippered pockets, a headphone port, a keyring clip and a removable cell phone carrying case. After numerous LA commutes, I've yet to find an item out of place. During those rides, I also noticed that the hard shell reduces the typical flapping and buffeting that's associated with soft "backpacks" and overall, I'd say that Axio has made significant gains in the realm of rider-mounted motorcycle luggage.  I'll be darned if that Nostradamus guy didn't hit the nail on the head. The Axio Tekno Hardpack has finally arrived and indeed, "it is good." I am however a little concerned about his prediction of the sudden rise to power of a Seattle-based engineer who would ban V-Twins thereby sending the Grey Ponytailed Brethren into a revolt against the Japanese and sparking WWIII, but hey, even Nostradamus was wrong some of the time.
Available in a variety of colors.

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