Alpinestars Fall 2010 Collection

36 new items available

Continually developing new products while refining existing products seems a good, if obvious, formula for success.

Motorcycle riding gear and apparel manufacturer Alpinestars has made good use of such a formula, becoming one of the most recognizable names in motorcycling today.

The riding gear giant unveiled its fall lineup for 2010 to the press this week, announcing a few key products among an array of 36 new items for riders in a variety of disciplines. From the hardcore track riding/racing junkie to the casual street rider to the adventure/sport-tourer, as well as the MXer, Alpinestars has a selection of gear ready to fit the needs of two-wheel enthusiasts in all those categories.

We’ll first go over a number of the textile products, along with non-racetrack oriented boots and gloves in the beginning, while saving key leather products and gear designed for the track ‘til the end.

The new Durban textile jacket seems engineered to take anything you can throw its way.

During the presentation Alpinestars staff seemed especially proud of the new textile Durban Gore-Tex Jacket and Durban Gore-Tex Pants, despite this jacket and pant appearing after the unveiling of new leather suits.

"...Alpinestars staff seemed especially proud of the new textile Durban Gore-Tex Jacket and Durban Gore-Tex Pants"

The jacket and pants are constructed from a variety of technical fabrics to ensure 100% waterproofing while allowing good “breathability,” as well as materials like SuperFabric designed for high levels of abrasion resistance. Both the jacket and pants also provide for impact protection via CE certified shoulder, elbow and knee pads. Accessory CE-approved Alpinestars chest guards and back protector insert can substitute the existing chest and back pads in the Durban.

The Durban jacket also features numerous pockets, all of which are said to have weather tight closures and are designed for ease-of-use while on the bike. The pants also have two large, external waterproof pockets.

Additionally, the pants feature an “accordion” panel that allows the pant to move – especially when connected to the jacket – without riding up when the rider bends forward to reach for clip-ons or the handlebar. Leather panels along the inner thigh area improve grip, say when standing on the pegs and squeezing the fuel tank with your legs, as well as help reduce wear from abrasion.

The Durban jacket has a rear external space for a water bladder (think Camelbak style), as well as a removable storage pouch just above the rear, lower hem.

Just as notable, the jacket is designed to integrate with Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support neck protector – a leading product in Alpinestars protective line originally developed for off-road/MX use.

Targeted for the adventure and serious sport-touring riders not afraid of going wheels up during inclement weather, the Durban jacket and pants look ready for the long haul, whether over pavement or when the pavement ends.

A worthwhile complement to the jacket and pants is either the Artcic Dry Star glove or Tech Road Gore-Tex glove.

The Arctic glove features a short cuff that more easily tucks in to jacket sleeves, and its Gray Sand color option makes it a particularly good match to the Durban jacket and pants combo.

The Arctic uses Alpinestars own Drystar material for keeping your digits as dry as possible, while a Thinsulate liner retains warmth. The Tech Road glove is constructed from full-grain leather with a Gore-Tex membrane for waterproof protection. Both gloves have pre-curved fingers that greatly reduce break-in time, and allow a more natural fit around clutch or brake levers.

The Artic glove lists for $109.95 and is available in sizes S to 3XL. The Tech Road glove rings in with a $189.95 tag and is available in the same size range as the Arctic.

Features and highlights of the Durban jacket and pants

Jacket MSRP $699.95, available in European sizes 48 – 60
• Multifabric shell construction for durability, protection and weight.
• Lightweight polyamide main construction with protective polyamide inserts.
• Welded, ceramic coated Superfabric reinforcements enhance the tear and abrasion resistance qualities of the jacket.
• Removable Paclite Gore‐Tex membrane with micro-fleece insert.
• Impact protection provided by lightweight, removable CE certified elbow and shoulder protectors.
• Chest and back pad compartments with PE protective padding (Alpinestars’ hard, CE certified back protector insert and chest guards available as accessory upgrade).
• Integrated high visibility reflective stripes improve rider visibility in poor light conditions.
• Zippered air intakes and rear air exhausts on the sleeves, chest and shoulders.
• Articulated elbow construction improves fit and arm flexibility.
• Detachable sleeves allow the jacket to be worn as a vest in warm conditions.
• Two waterproof external pockets on front of jacket.
• Multiple fit and volume adjustment allows a tailored fit around the arm.
• Removable rear large utility pocket.
• Internal waist connection zipper for attachment to a wide range of Alpinestars riding pants.
• Bionic Neck Support (BNS) connection system.
• The jacket is equipped with a 2 liter Bladder storage pocket (capacity reduced to ½ liter when used with BNS).
Pants MSRP $499.95, available in European sizes 48 – 60
• Multifabric shell construction; a blend of fabrics that provides the most favorable combination of durability, protection and weight.
• Lightweight polyamide main construction with protective polyamide inserts.
• Medial lower end leather panel gives extra abrasion resistance.
• Alpinestars’ patented Vector knee construction for comfort in the riding position without reducing mobility.
• Removable CE certified lightweight knee protectors.
• High visibility reflective stripes integrated in the design.
• Welded, ceramic coated Superfabric reinforcements enhance the tear and abrasion resistance qualities of the pants.
• Removable Paclite Gore‐Tex membrane with micro‐fleece insert provides waterproofing and allows the garment to breathe.
• Articulated rear panel for extra support and ease of movement.
• Extended air intake located on knee panel.
• Two external 100% waterproof pockets on the side of the pant.
• Internal waist connection zipper for attaching to riding jackets.
• Removable bib and braces.
• The Durban pant is designed to accommodate the fitment of enduro/MX, adventure and touring style boots.

Continuing in the waterproof textile theme is the new T-Gasoline Waterproof Jacket.

Crafted from 600 Denier polyester fabric, the T-Gasoline appears as a cleanly styled jacket for all-around street riding during the cold and wet months. CE-approved armor in the shoulder and elbows provide peace-of-mind as well as genuine protection, and inner spaces in the chest and back have PE protective padding, and are ready for Alpinestars accessory back protectors and chest guards.

Seen here is Alpinestars’ waterproof T-Gasoline jacket. Aside from the obvious AStars branding, the jacket provides clean, simply styling.

A perfect mate to zip into the T-Gasoline’s internal waist connection zipper are the Frontier Gore-Tex Pants.

The Frontier’s 4‐in‐1 liner system allows a rider to configure the combination of removable Gore‐Tex and thermal liners to suit their own particular riding needs. In addition to water-hating Gore-Tex, the pants feature a hydrophobic micro‐twill fabric with a Teflon coating to prevent moisture from clinging to the garment, enhancing its waterproofing ability.

Removable CE certified GP‐R knee and shin protectors provide impact protection, while hip pads may work to soften the blow in the event of get off. A pair of large external pockets – one on the side of each pant leg – offer storage area in addition to the pair of traditional hand pockets. Large vents improve airflow (when it’s not raining, or course).

The T-Gasoline Waterproof Jacket retails for $209.95 and is available in sizes S to 4XL. The Frontier Gore-Tex Pants list for $599.95 and come in sizes S to 3XL.

The Frontier pants seem a bit on the pricey side, but with the name Gore-Tex associated with them, the $600 tag may seem trial if the pants keep you dry during a daylong downpour.

Ever find yourself caught in a steady rain while on a long ride and not have the benefit of waterproof boots? I have, and I often characterize the sensation of soaking-wet soaks and boots as, well, feeling as though I’m standing in s#$&!

From my nearly 20 years and countless hundreds of thousands of miles riding, I can tell you nothing is more joy-sapping or energy-depleting to a rider than cold, wet tootsies. Alpinestars has a good defense system against such miserable conditions in the form of the Hydro Sport Drystar Boot.

"...nothing is more joy-sapping or energy-depleting to a rider than cold, wet tootsies."

Employing Alpinestars’ own Drystar fabric – only a tick or so below Gore-Tex in terms of ultimate dryness, according to Alpinestars – as part of the liner for waterproof and breathability comfort, the Hydro’s aim to keep you dry. Comfort comes partly by way of flexible material in the instep and Achilles area to allow.

A tough shin plate, as well as dual-density lateral and medial ankle cups, offer impact protection. In fact, Alpinestars says the $249.95 Hydro Sport Drystar boot, available in Euro sizes 38 – 48, offer enough protection overall that they’re CE certified.

Looks like the Hydro’s would perfectly complete a T-Gasoline and Frontier jacket/pant combo. Oh, and for whatever reason, the Hydro boots come in yellow, too.

A less pricey and less dry, yet possibly cooler (as in temperature), alternative to the Hydryo boot is the ST Vented Boot.

The Hydro Sport Drystar Boot could be a good all-weather street-riding boot choice for riders who venture out all year ‘round to the long-haul sport-touring guy.

This boot looks a lot like the Hydro, but is vented via its perforated front, which definitely means your paddles will eventually get wet if exposed to rain or water. But if you’re blessed with SoCal-type dry winters, this $179.95 boot, available in Euro sizes 38-48, might be all you’ll need.

From the track to your back

Although Alpinestars products just about cover the gamut of types of riding, the Italian company is perhaps most recognizable as a purveyor of leather riding gear, most specifically, one-piece suits.

The brand’s renown for leathers comes not only from the recognizable quality with which its products are made, but also for the sheer number of top-level pro riders choosing to don (or are at least compensated handsomely to wear it!) Alpinestars leathers.

But even if riders are well looked after for wearing the wares, it’s a safe bet that roadracers like Nicky Hayden, Ben Spies, Casey Stoner, Andrea Dovizioso and Mika Kallio, to name a few from MotoGP, are only willing to work with one of the best makers of moto hides when it comes to protecting their own hides as they scream along at 200 mph.

New Tech 1R leather one-piece suit from Alpinestars for fall 2010.

WSBK racers Troy Corser, Carlos Checca and Noriyuki Haga, and AMA roadracer Tommy Hayden – again, just to a new few pros – also race Alpinestars leathers.

And like the ol’ adage, Race it on Sunday, sell it on Monday, implies that what’s raced gets sold, (in one form or another) so, too, does AStars employ the trickledown philosophy to its leathers.

Primary areas of development emphasized by pro racers for the suits are anatomic fit, aerodynamics, lightweight, freedom of movement and “feel of the bike,” according to Alpinestars’ Jeremy Appleton.

The existing $2499.95 Racing Replica suit was developed largely for and from racing. Alpinestars performs extensive research, both in the lab as well as trackside, gleaning data and feedback from racers for ways the suits are working well, or may need improvement. AStars launched its first repli suit in 2000, and the suit’s evolution has been ongoing.

This flagship product is the springboard for Alpinestars leather riding gear that puts a premium on protection.

Incidentally, we learned during this product briefing that Alpinestars wearer, Mika Kallio, had the first in-race airbag deployment of Alpinestars’ airbag suit during a crash at this year’s Laguna Seca MotoGP event.

According to Alpinestars’ Colin Ballantyne this was the suit’s first recorded airbag activation during MotoGP competition. By all accounts, it went well.

Newly developed for the 2010 fall collection is the Tech 1R one-piece leather suit. At $1399.95 this suit isn’t much more than about half the price of the Racing Replica outfit, but don’t think with the 1R you’re also getting half the quality and features of the repli suit.

According to Appleton, the Tech 1R closely mirrors the replica suit in terms of safety features, noting that a key difference is the Racing Replica suit’s additional knee and shin protection, as well as different stretch panel material. Otherwise, says Appleton, the Tech 1R is a close second to the company’s top-level leather suit, but at a whopper of a cost savings.

Of special note from Appleton was that Alpinestars uses seam-specific stitching. That is, the type and manner of stitching for each seam is tailored for the precise needs of each seam to ensure the seam stays in one piece in the event of a two-wheeled wipeout. He also informed us that the Tech 1R uses 1.3mm leather hide, as well as reliable YKK zippers.

The Tech 1R is a leathery gauntlet for your skin when strafing canyons, or while pinning the throttle at the track in search of championship clinching points.

Tech 1R One-Piece Leather Suit highlights and key features:
Leather and suit construction:
• 1.3mm top grade leather construction uses extended perforated panels on upper and lower body for improved ventilation.
• U-shape back accordion stretch panel improves flexibility, maintains the fit of the suit while riding, and permits a wider range of fitment options for users. This two-piece stretch panel uses the least amount of stitching possible to reduce the chance of seam degradation during impact.
• Strategically placed stretch panels for flexibility and comfort.
MotoGP standard safety features:
• External PU (Polyurethane) shoulder and knee protectors developed in MotoGP for impact dissipation and absorption.
• Alpinestars one-piece CE approved GP‐R knee/shin protectors and GP Series elbow protectors.
• Multiple snap button system allows integration with Alpinestars’ Level 2 CE certified Bionic Race Back protector.
• PE padding in chest compartment can be upgraded with Alpinestars Bionic chest pads.
Racing-derived features:
• MotoGP profile, perforated back hump offers improved aerodynamic and ventilation performance by promoting air flow throughout the suit.
• Alpinestars patented calf expansion pockets improve range of fit.
Comfort and support:
• Aramidic stretch panels on sleeves and crotch improve fit and feel for the rider.
• Additional accordion stretch inserts on the elbows and knees aid movement for comfort and support.
• Removable inner mesh liner with 3D mesh liner insert on the back.
• Premium YKK front zip closure and semi auto locking wrist closure.

The GP Pro leather suit borrows liberally from Alpinestars’ Racing Replica suit, but at a fraction of the cost of the repli leathers.

The GP Pro Leather Suit steps further down the price range, ringing in at $999.95, but still manages to provide much of what’s found in the Tech 1R one-piece, like 1.3mm full-grain leather with strategically located frontal perforation for airflow, auto-locking YKK zippers and race-derived protection features.

The GP Pro is also available as a two-piece suit and comes in Euro sizes 48 – 60 (up to 64 in black only).

The $499.95 GP Pro leather jacket is also available, and would pair well with the Track Leather Pants ($399.95). The benefit of choosing this combination is the option of wearing the jacket without the leather pants, say, during a casual ride aboard a mild-mannered cruiser. Time to saddle up to the ol’ sportbike? Simply zip in the Track pants for added protection.

For the ladies!

Like a lot of moto gear makers these days, Alpinestars has come to realize the prettier riders among us can’t wear the same gear on offer for the guys.

In order to accommodate for feminine shapes and fitment needs, Alpinestars brings in additional ladies gear for late 2010 in the form of the Stella Seville WP (stands for waterproof) Jacket. The jacket has understated styling yet is stylish, and offers adjustable fit at the wrist cuffs, as well as the waist area.

This all-textile unit has a waterproof, breathable membrane, and is constructed from 450 Denier material for abrasion resistance. The Stella Seville WP retails for $199.95 and is available in sizes XS – 2XL.

Alpinestars continues to think of the ladies by creating this waterproof Stella Seville jacket.

The same girls-only design applies to the Stella Munich Drystar Glove and Stella WR-V Gore-Tex Glove, retailing for $69.95 and $129.95 respectively.

(Mostly) Hidden protection

Here we can see the Bionic Neck Support ($289.95 - $529.95) in red is integrated with the A-10 chest protector.

Above we noted how the new Durban jacket is designed to integrate with Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support unit. Off-roaders will appreciate how the A-10 ($169.95) and A-6 ($159.95) chest protectors do the same.

While the A-10 offers additional protection over the rear of the shoulder area when compared to the A-6, both will connect to the BNS after simply removing a piece from the front and rear of the chest protectors. Adding the BNS increases the protective aspects of both the chest and neck protector according to Alpinestars.

The Road Warrior-looking Bionic Protection Jacket currently in Alpinestars’ lineup is also now designed to integrate with the BNS.

Finally, now you, too, can dream of having that perfect Steve Austin knee while riding when you wear the trick B2 Carbon Knee Brace.

The B2’s main purpose is to lend support to the knee when off-road riding, but it also helps prevent hyperextension, and features a removable knee cap protector, making the brace adaptable for sports that don’t bring the threat impacts to the knee.

The brace’s main frame is constructed from carbon fiber, the inner comfort pad is removable, and four straps at the rear help fine tune fit for either the left or right brace.

This thing is so cool looking you may choose to wear them simply for going to the mailbox. And with a retail figure of $349.95 per side, the neighbors’ll think you’re a wealthy geezer with bad knees. The B2 Carbon Knee Brace comes in sizes S – XL.

The new products from Alpinestars for this fall covered here are but a smattering of the full lineup of new gear. Additional footwear, leather jackets for street riding, gloves with MotoGP-licensed branding, and even an undershirt that helps keep you cool by first soaking it in water, are slated to hit Alpinestars dealers this August.

If you can’t wait that long, click over to for extra info.

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