Aerostich Roadcrafter Suit

Better than Leather?

Aerostich had one goal in mind when designing the Roadcrafter suit: "Go beyond traditional riding wear and make the ultimate rider's suit." It has taken over ten years for the suit to be refined into what is available today. That's a long time, but we think the results are worth the time invested.

It has taken over ten years for the suit to be refined into what is available today.

 The main portion of the Roadcrafter suit is made of 500 denier Cordura® nylon with an integral multi-layer GoreTex® laminate made exclusively for Aerostich Roadcrafter suits. High-impact areas are constructed with TF2 Hard-Shell pads, a costly, high-performance viscoelastic material originally developed for use in medicine. These pads are located on the suit's forearms, shoulders, knees and shins and are covered with 1050 denier, urethane-coated ballistic nylon.

Our own Toxic Avenger, Calvin Kim, asplendor in his hi-vis Aerostich. He blends in well, doesn't he? Aerostich claims it uses "the world's strongest GoreTex® fabric" and has even gone so far as to conduct abrasion tests against other materials, including leather. Aerostich claims their material came out on top, of course, and says it is 95-percent waterproof as well.

The suit features an ultra-suede mandarin collar with a Velcro® closure, a two-way back-vent zipper covered with a reflective flap, adjustment tabs at the waist and ankles and zippered air-vents located under each arm. Also featured are map pockets (thigh or wrist placement), knee pads and a myriad of sizing options to fit every conceivable body shape and size.

Aerostich says, "If it works and feels good, it looks good to us." Well, we have the same taste in motorcycle riding gear. We like the layout of the 'Stich suit and think it's far better for street use than leathers, which tend to be impractical. You can pick and chose the color for your suit and the nylon patches to help create something suitable to your personality. Hands up, Toxic Avenger! This suit has more pockets than the Toxic Avenger has radiated cells.

The Roadcrafter is worn over street clothes and, after a brief initiation process that takes a minor amount of hand-eye coordination and balance, is easy to climb into. Getting out of the suit takes under 10 seconds and can be done blindfolded. The easy-closure zippers make this task as painless as possible. Unfortunately, the zippers are also a compromise in wet weather. Still, even in what we Southern Californians consider heavy rains, we experienced little more than a damp crotch due to a lack of attention on our part since we left the Velcro® flap open.

The Roadcrafter suit is great on the road. Safety-wise, it is something even cruiser riders should consider. Still, when was the last time you saw a bad-guy dude in a one-piece, non-leather riding suit? They'll forever stay in jeans and a black leather jacket, most likely. But for everyone else, an Aerostich Roadcrafter suit is something to be looked into. We have worn this suit in climates ranging from 50°F up to 100°F with a pair of Levis and a T-shirt underneath and, with just an open or close of a vent or two, we've been able to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Still, when was the last time you saw a bad-guy dude in a one-piece, non-leather riding suit?

The suit is machine washable and the colors don't fade quickly. The suits fit without any tailoring and, should you feel your midsection expanding or, in the unlikely event, contracting, the adjustable Velcro straps make on-the-fly tailoring possible.

One- and two-piece Aerostich Roadcrafter suits are available from $679.00 and $737.00 USD, respectively. This price is cheaper than a decent set of leathers and is far more practical for everyday use. Bottom line: If you ride regularly on the street, you need one of these suits.

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Motorcycle Online Rating:*****

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