Acerbis Matrix Touring Jacket/Pant

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  Without the liner, the pant is comfortable during warmer temperatures in spite of their black color. CE removable armor is found in the knees and there is some additional rear padding for comfort. There are two upper pockets and two lower side pockets with secure closures and ample volume. Waist adjustment is performed by a belt, with what appears to be a Delrin or nylon buckle. The lower legs have rear zippers covered by a reflective flap for donning the pants over boots and have an internal vent for the best volume adjustment. Fit is good, with pre-curved knees, ample length and ample volume for each size range.

Nits - just a few. Color selection in the Matrix Jacket is limited to two colors: Black and Sandstone/Black. I chose the latter because I suspected that it would enhance the versatility of the jacket for warm weather riding and I strongly suspect that I was right. The pants are only available in black, which isn't that uncommon. However, they are a little light in the armor department. They are also made of the slipperiest Cordura fabric on the planet, which you will want to take into account when demonstrating rolling stoppies for your touring buds. The Velcro on the jacket front flap is so stiff that it makes getting the snap fasteners lined up and buttoned down more problematic than it ought to be. The Acerbis logos found throughout these garments are cool, cool, cool, and the jacket hangs well from the torso. The only fly in the ointment is the back panel of the jacket, which is emblazoned with an oddly cheesy diamond design that mucks up the visual flow so badly that I'm already thinking of ways to cover it up.

 The Matrix system proved itself to be bulletproof on my 370 mile offroad ride and I wouldn't even consider wearing anything else. I like the Matrix jacket/pant combo a lot and plan to keep it. Quality, versatility, comfort and great technology, what's not to like? I have used the Matrix extensively for the past four months in a variety of on and off-road environments and it has rapidly become my favorite suit for sport touring and off road riding. I have developed great deal of confidence in the Matrix system. I have so much confidence in fact, that I recently used the Matrix for a solo 370-mile off-road ride in extreme conditions, ranging from desert heat to rain to 6" of snow and a blizzard over mountain passes. The Matrix system proved itself to be bulletproof and I wouldn't even consider wearing anything else. This is one item of apparel that simply will not let you down in any conditions that I can imagine -and I have a broad imagination-.

The Acerbis Matrix Jacket and Matrix Air Pant are available in the USA exclusively from  Those of you out there who race or participate in track days, will most likely be equipped with a one-piece leather suit and will thus be painfully aware of the difficulty in pulling a properly fitted set of leathers over a sweaty tee-shirt and cycling shorts. Many racers wear a slippery layer of lycra/spandex next to their skin just to lower the risk of having an overzealous pit crewmember separate their shoulder during the leather donning process. The problem with most lycra/spandex blends is that they don't breathe particularly well when worn under leathers, so a lot of moisture is trapped between them and your skin. Not only is this uncomfortable, but things can get pretty rank in a hurry. Clearly, this is a situation which has been waiting for a technical innovation. An answer is Under Armour.

UNDER ARMOUR manufacturers an entire line of performance undergarments for sport. If you are into sport, UNDER ARMOUR has something to increase comfort in whatever your milieu. I recently purchased a Turfgear long sleeve Turf Shirt and heatgear leggings and I am very happy with both items. The heatgear leggings have a moisture transport system that is amazingly effective at wicking moisture away from the skin, when worn under a set of touring pants. This is a very useful thing, since most touring pants are a bit clammy for summer use. The

    Turfgear long sleeve Turf Shirt has the same moisture transport system and is comfort incarnate, when worn under leathers in the summertime. Until someone invents an air conditioner for motorcycle jackets these garments are probably going to be the best alternative. 

UNDER ARMOUR garments are designed to fit like a second skin. Looking at them on the rack in a store, you'd swear that you've wandered into the kids section, because they look tiny. They stretch to fit very comfortably however, and the length of both the sleeves and the legs was more than adequate for my 36" inseam and 35" sleeve. For the record, MO does not recomend riding sportbikes in nothing but your bloomers.

I'd even recommend UNDER ARMOUR for casual riding, because the garments are quite comfortable and breathe very well under a motorcycle jacket. The entire range of UNDER ARMOUR garments is available directly through the website, or more immediately through most sporting good stores across the USA. Pricing is extremely reasonable for most items of interest to motorcyclists and I highly recommend that you check them out.

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