2003 Miline Gauloise Jacket

2003 Miline Gauloise Jacket

If none of us will ever know what it would feel like to climb aboard a Moto GP factory ride, at least we can know what we would look like wearing a Moto GP team jacket. Miline has brought Europe's GP racing teams' replica jackets to the States, including MoviStar, Repsol YPF, Nastro Azzurro, Marlboro, Lucky Strike, and the featured Gauloises. Those Europeans and their beloved cancer sticks!

Far from just a fashion statement, Miline has produced a premium quality product that features removable mk11 absorbent foam armor, which extends in two pieces from the shoulder cap almost to the wrist. These jackets are provided with a zip-out, vest-type quilted lining, and an 8" zipper in back allowing for riding pants attachment. A leather flap beneath the zipper prohibits wind penetration, and snaps secure the sleeves and mandarin collar. The jacket's cut is form fitting, so if you plan on wearing a back/chest protector underneath, or putting anything in the pockets, allow for extra room when sizing.

While I found the jacket to be adequately warm, it is primarily -- especially when paired with the matching pants -- a functional street-racing jacket, and as such is built for fit and protection, not thermal properties. Hand made in Spain, Miline guarantees the workmanship and material for one year, offering to replace or refund your purchase if not satisfied. I was impressed. They really have made a high-quality replica jacket. Most of the models are available with the aforementioned matching pants as well, and some sets have matching gloves too.

So if you've always been a big fan of one of the racers or teams, here's your chance to wear your heart on your sleeve! You'll pay for that privilege, mind you, but the value-added to the price is worth it if you really do care about that team. If you aren't a fan, well, duh, get a plain coat from Miline (they have Cordura coats too) or someone else for less.

Buy it directly at Miline USA, and if you find them on sale somewhere, leave feedback for the rest of the MOFOs with the link below.

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