2003 Lee Parks Design DeerSports Gloves

Lee Parks spent most of the last 10 years as a motojournalist, and claims to have participated in just about every form of road and off-road motorcycle competition. Along the way, Lee even picked up a national championship in the 2001 G.M.D. Computrack WERA National Endurance Series in the Lightweight class. So he knows more than a little about the attention to detail that separates top-quality premium motorcycle products from the rest of the pack. To that end, Lee is now genteel proprietor of Lee Parks Design, and among other things is turning out some of the finest gloves your precious little digits could ask for.

Lee starts out with 2.75+ oz. U.S. deerskin, which is more abrasion-resistant than cowhide and has a wider temperature range. I found that my pair fit almost perfectly from the start, and soon stretched to fit my hand's exact proportions. The leather's natural protective attributes are bolstered by a double-stitched ErgoTech palm patch and an additional layer of deerskin backing on the thumb, knuckles and fingers for added abrasion resistance. The extra layer of protection was unobtrusive and the gloves provide excellent feel. No bunching in the finger tips or tightness at the knuckles.

The gloves' construction is simple but well-executed, featuring trimmed and ironed internal seams in the fingers utilizing dual-duty thread, a seamless palm to avoid creating pressure points, and an extra-long gauntlet that has Velcro closures at both the wrist and aperture. This last detail really provides a secure fit over any jacket, even if the sleeve is a bit short, oversized, or made of a bulky material. No more frozen wrists from your sleeve falling out of the gauntlet.

Lee's deerskin gloves are also available in a two-tone Black and Tan color scheme as well as non-gauntlet styles. A size chart is provided on his website to get an accurate measurement before ordering. Certainly not the cheapest gloves on the market, but if you're looking for a pair to marry, this could be your "love connection".

Black: $109.95

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