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The VAHNA Magazine Film Festival recently concluded its 6-month tour, showcasing ten motorcycle-focused films in six cities across the United States. The festival, presented by Triumph Motorcycles, celebrated motorcycle cinematography and provided a platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their storytelling abilities.

The top three films of the 2023 VAHNA Motorcycle Film Festival were announced, with the Overall Winner receiving a grand prize of a 2024 Triumph Bonneville T120 motorcycle. You can watch the top ten finalists' films here.

"Chance" by Chris Lomartire

Grand Prize: "Chance"

Directed by Chris Lomartire, this mini-documentary features Chance Cleary, an Afghanistan war veteran who lost his leg during an ambush. Despite his injuries, Cleary races motocross with a prosthetic leg, finding solace and clarity on the dirt track.

"Cut Short Rides On" by Connor Buss

1st Runner Up: "Cut Short Rides On"

A biography about Donovan Mitchell, a motocross rider whose career was ended by a spinal cord injury. Directed by Connor Buss, the film explores Mitchell's life before and after the injury, navigating his journey through depression and his life after paralysis.

"Korta" by Nick Dean

2nd Runner Up: "Korta"

Director Nick Dean follows Kortel Autrey, a stuntman from Los Angeles, who uses motorcycle riding, racing, and stunting to inspire inner-city youth away from gang violence.

The ten finalist films were shown in theaters during a 6-city US tour from October 2023 through April 2024. The festival cities included Atlanta, Denver, Scottsdale, Costa Mesa, Austin, and Portland, with each event open to the public and films judged by guest judges in each city.

Triumph Motorcycles sponsored the festival, recognizing the historical significance of motorcycles in film and their role in inspiring new generations of riders. Triumph has been featured in iconic motorcycle moments in films such as The Great Escape, The Wild One, Jurassic World, and 007’s No Time To Die, highlighting the brand's enduring presence in popular culture. Triumph's support of the festival underscores its commitment to keeping motorcycles a vibrant part of cinematic storytelling and culture.

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