A video making the rounds this week showed a rider trying to be a good Samaritan after seeing a wallet slide off the roof of a car as its inattentive driver pulled onto the street. Picking up the wallet, the rider chased after the car but was given a rude response. The rider tried again, and this time, the driver understood what happened, and the rudeness turned to relief.

But the rider didn’t forget the initial reaction, and responded by angrily throwing the wallet back in the car. Seeing the driver had also left his phone on top of the car, the rider picked it up and flippantly tossed it to the road.

So, we ask you, our readers. Who’s the bigger A-hole here? Was the rider justified? The driver did pull out dangerously in front of him, and yet tried to return the wallet, only to be rewarded with a middle finger. Or should he have been the bigger person and rode on? Or, as some commenters on YouTube suggest, was the whole incident faked?

Let us know in this poll or in the comments.