Yamaha Develops Chassis Vibration Damper

Power Beam reduces frame torsion

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 16, 2011
Yamaha Motor Co. has developed a new anti-vibration damper for motorcycle chassis.

Available for automobile chassis since 2004 as the Yamaha Performance Damper, the new Yamaha Power Beam damper is the first of its kind to be developed specifically for motorcycles.

The Yamaha Power Beam attaches to a motorcycle’s frame and absorbs some of the energy from flex-inducing external forces and releases it as heat energy.

Normally, these forces affect a motorcycle’s metal frame, causing some distortion that builds up and releases in cycles, creating some vibration. The Power Beam inhibits high-speed flexing of the frame, promising a more stable and comfortable ride.Yamaha Power Beam

Yamaha will first offer the Power Beam primarily in Europe as an optional accessory for 2008-2011 TMax maxi-scooters, beginning April 20. Yamaha will likely develop Power Beam dampers for other models in the future.