Yamaha Building New Motorcycle Test Course

Yamaha announced it will begin constructing a new motorcycle test course in Kikugawa City, Japan.

The Kikugawa Test Course has been in the works for years with construction originally scheduled to start in October 2009 for completion in the fall of 2012. Construction was shelved however when the recession hit.

Yamaha is now ready to build the Kikugawa Test Course, though under a reduced budget. The new facility will span about 121 acres and feature a 1.18-mile closed course. The course will be shorter than the originally planned 1.86-mile course, but it will include hilly terrain and dust-resistance testing sections. The Kikugawa Test Course will be used for evaluating safety and environmental performance for medium to small displacement motorcycles for emerging markets such as Asia and Central and South America.

yamaha building new motorcycle test course, An artist s rendering of Yamaha s Kikugawa Test Course
An artist's rendering of Yamaha's Kikugawa Test Course.

The Kikugawa Test Course will be Yamaha’s largest test facility in terms of total area. Yamaha has four other courses in Japan, located in Fukuroi, Hamamatsu, Omaezaki and Shibetsu.

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