WildWind Launches Motorcycle Tours in Arizona

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 19, 2007, Photography by N/A
Escorted Programs to the Red Rock Wonderlands & Beyond

SEDONA, AZ (July 19, 2007)—We know it—you need to ride. Every motorcyclist wants to experience wherever they are on two wheels, where it’s felt the most. Based in Sedona, Arizona, WildWind Motorcycle Tours has what you need, offering escorted programs through this sacred land of blood-red rocks, rusting mesas, buttes and towering crimson cliffs that stand sentinel over this unimaginable wonderland and its hidden treasures. This is the Biker’s Paradise, and the first turn in the ride of your life.

WildWind doesn’t just ride, but explores the undiscovered worlds of Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Sedona, Canyon De Chelly, and other spectacular destinations, including ancient ruins, ghost towns and secret paradises known only to us. It will feel like you are on a motorcycle expedition to another planet.

Tours begin at $100 half-day; $150 full-day. Custom Tours are specially built to client desires and can be combined with horseback riding, jeep and ATV tours, balloon, biplane and helicopter rides, cookouts, spa treatments, hikes into the wild interior, stagecoach robbery, and other theme activities.

Passengers ride at discount. Self-Ride, Off-Season and Group Rates are available. WildWind can arrange for your bike rental, if needed.

Let us be your guide to adventure and awe.

Visit http://www.wildwindmctours.com/
or call 602-690-2864.

"It will feel like you are on a motorcycle expedition to another planet."

About WildWind

Drawing from decades of motorcycling and adventuring experience that includes travel through some 50 countries and most states, Joshua Placa combines an extensive background in journalism, tour design and itinerant barnstorming. From tours of discovery into the Martian landscapes and lost canyons and cultures of the Southwest, to the urban frontiers of vibrant cities, if fun or fascination is there, he’ll find it, give you some.

The enigmatic Madam X wears all black and a lethal smile, or she wears nothing at all. Otherwise known as Andrea Borderlon by agencies of the government, she is half-Native American/half-Biker and all about the ride. Possessing years of international experience, she has mastered both Alpine and desert riding.


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