Virginia Introduces Rider Alert Cards Staff
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The Richmond Ambulance Authority and Bon Secours Virginia Health System launched a new program designed to help save the lives of injured riders.

The Rider Alert card system, developed in partnership with Motorcycle Virginia, uses identification data cards carrying vital information such as a rider’s emergency contacts and medical history. The Rider Alert cards are placed under the lining of riders’ helmets while a separate round one-inch sticker is placed on the outside to indicate the presence of a Rider Alert card.

The stickers let first responders know to look for the Rider Alert card to find important information in helping treat injured riders at the scene of an accident, especially if the injured rider is unable to provide the information on the card.

“Motorcycle accidents and fatalities are on the rise in Virginia,” said Rob Lawrence, chief operating officer of Richmond Ambulance Authority. “This card is born out of experience – it has been designed by paramedics who have been on both sides of an accident as the injured rider or as medical help. Accessing this basic information after a motorcycle accident can sometimes be impossible. This small tool could mean the difference between life and death.”

virginia introduces rider alert cards, Rider Alert cards provide vital information for first responders when a rider is to injured to do so
Rider Alert cards provide vital information for first responders when a rider is to injured to do so.
The free Rider Alert cards will be available at the Richmond Ambulance Authority Chesterfield Fire and Rescue Station and New Kent County Fire Station. Motorcycle Virginia and members of the Virginia Motorcycle Dealers Association will also help distribute Rider Cards.

“Motorcycle Virginia has strong relationships throughout the state with organizations that are excited about this program and know the safety benefits it will have for riders,” says Steve Witmer, corporate director of Motorcycle VA. “There are more than 100,000 registered motorcycle riders in Virginia, and we will use our resources to get the Rider Alert card into as many of their hands as possible.”

The Rider Alert program is based on a similar program called the CRASH Card, developed by the Ambulance Motorcycle Club in the United Kingdom. More than 325,000 CRASH Cards have been distributed to riders across Europe.

Organizations in regions across America, such as Fort Worth, Texas, are considering implementing the Rider Cards program.

“A long riding season and high population results in thousands of motorcycle accidents in Fort Worth each year, and we are looking forward to implementing the new national model for motorcycle crash victims developed by the Richmond Ambulance Authority,” says Matt Zavadsky, director of operations of Med Star EMS in Fort Worth. “Once again, RAA has demonstrated its national and international leadership through yet another innovative program that will benefit the entire country.”

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