Victory rider sets speed run record

Kingpin breaks 36-year-old record

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 10, 2009, Photography by "Sparky Bill" Toninato
Buffalo, Minn. rider Gregor Moe set a new speed run record on a Victory Kingpin at the BUB Motorcycle Speed trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats on Sept. 3.

“Setting a new record makes the ride home from the salt a lot more enjoyable,” says Moe. “If we had finished second, the drive home to Minnesota would have seemed like an eternity.”

Moe had an average top speed of 165.8 mph, timing in at 166.04 mph in one direction and 165.6 mph on the return run. Moe’s score set a new AMA record in the 2000-M-AG class for bikes engines up to 2,000cc with modified frames, running on gas but without turbochargers or superchargers. The previous record, 163 mph has stood since 1973.

“It’s a good feeling and it’s good to get it done. It’s been a long time coming and it’s a lot of work,” saysMoe. “This was my third time at Bonneville. I went out in ’04 to the first BUB event with a buddy and ran my 2003 Victory Vegas at about 119 mph in the ‘Run What You Brung’ class. That was the fastest Victory pass for a number of years.”

Note the modified exhaust on Gregor Moe's record-setting Victory Kingpin.

The record-setting Kingpin received some modifications at Lloydz Motorworkz, a Victory performance shop in Pine Bush, N.Y. The Victory Freedom engine was modified to a 110 ci displacement from the stock 100 ci, and received a Lloydz cam package, intake and fuel mapping.

Rear set-type pegs were installed so Moe could ride lower with his feet back, while Adam Torchio of Lloydz built a 2-into-1 pipe that would not interfere with Moe’s positioning.