Venturi Automobiles Buys Voxan Motorcycles Staff
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Venturi Automobiles buys Voxan motorcycles

Voxan to produce electric motorcycles
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 03, 2010
Venturi Automobiles has acquired struggling French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan, with plans to produce electric motorcycles.

Millionaire Gildo Pallanca Pastor from Monaco bought Venturi in 2001 after its own financial difficulties, reviving the brand with a focus on producing electric cars such as the Venturi Fetish roadster.

Pastor has similar plans for Voxan, using developments from Venturi to develop an electric motorcycle. According to Venturi, the first electric Voxan will be available in three years, with manufacturing to take place at Venturis plant in Sable-Sur-Sarthe, France.

venturi automobiles buys voxan motorcycles, The Voxan Charade was displayed at the 2005 Paris Bike Show
The Voxan Charade was displayed at the 2005 Paris Bike Show.

Like the Venturi Fetish sports car, which claims 250hp and 162 ft-lb. of torque and a 0-60 time of under 5 seconds, the electric Voxan motorcycle will be developed with sports performance in mind. Voxan will also produce models in other segments intended for wide distribution.

As for existing V-Twin gasoline-powered Voxan motorcycles such as the Charade pictured above, Venturi says they will become collectors pieces as the company looks towards future technologies.

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