TT Zero details announced

Will use FIM rulebook but will not be an FIM event

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Feb. 03, 2010
Isle of Man TT organizers have released further details about its clean emissions TT Zero race.

Scheduled to run June 9 after the second Supersport and second Sidecar class races, the TT Zero will be the second zero-emission race on the Isle of Man, but the first without Azhar Hussain and the TTXGP.

Unlike the 2009 event, the TT Zero and its entrants will be given the same status as any other TT classes, with access to official prize and travel funds.

As previously reported, the TT Zero will be a one-lap time trial. Competitors will line up on the grid and will start one at a time in 10 second intervals.

The top five finishers will be awarded prize money, worth a total of 6,250 pounds (US$9,936). The winner will be awarded 3,000 pounds (US$4,769); second place earns 1,500 pounds (US$2,385); third place earns 1,000 pounds (US$1,590); fourth earns 500 pounds (US$795) and fifth place receives 250 pounds (US$397). As previously announced, the top team averaging over 100 mph on a single lap will win a special 10,000 pound (US$15,899) prize.

ACU Events, the promoter for the Isle of Man TT, will run the TT Zero. The TT Zero will also adopt the FIM’s official rulebook. A statement from the Isle of Man TT made it clear however the FIM is otherwise not involved with the TT Zero.

“The TT Zero race is completely independent from the FIM’s proposed race series,” the statement reads. “Although TT Zero will be managed by the Auto Cycle Union (ACU), which is the FIM endorsed governing body of motorcycle racing in the UK, the FIM are not in any way involved with the running of the event.”

The 2009 electric motorcycle race featured the cooperation of the FIM, the TTXGP and the Isle of Man government. A year later however, and zero emission motorcycle racing has now splintered into three separate organizations. The TT Zero has the history and tradition of the Isle of Man; the FIM has the prestige of being the world’s governing body of motorcycle racing, and its races will be held in conjunction with other FIM events; and the TTXGP has the support of several electric motorcycle manufacturers, as well as the experience after operating the 2009 event.

The TTXGP has not released an official statement about the TT Zero. What will remain to be determined is whether teams such as Mission Motors which had previously been announced as “exclusive” to TTXGP, will be free to compete in the TT Zero.

Also up in the air is which series the 2009 event winner, Team Agni, will race in 2010.

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