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Video game maker THQ announced the next installment of the MX vs. ATV series will feature real Suzuki models.

Arriving at video game stores in May, MX vs. ATV Alive is the latest in the series featuring off-road motorcycle and ATV racing. Previous games in the series, which consists of 2004’s MX Unleashed, 2005’s MX vs. ATV Unleashed, 2008’s MX vs. ATV Untamed and 2010’s MX vs. ATV Reflex, featured real-life motocross and supercross racers such as Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed and James Stewart.

MX vs. ATV Alive will be the first in the series to offer real OEM motorcycles. Previous games in the series had machines that resembled real-life bikes, but because of licensing issues, they went under fake brand names. MX vs. ATV Alive will still have the fake brand names, but Suzuki has signed on for licensed versions of its RM125, RM-Z250 and RM-Z450 dirt bikes as well as its QuadRacer R450 ATV in downloadable add-on sold separately.

“For the past seven years, THQ has prided itself on offering the most realistic motocross experience in gaming with the MX vs. ATV franchise,” said Michael Lustenberger, THQ Vice President of Global Brand Management, Online/Digital Games. “The inclusion of Suzuki models takes the authenticity of the brand one step further and offers fans the most complete off-road racing simulation available.”

Suzuki may not be the only real brand name appearing in the game. THQ says it is collaborating with other top motorcycle and ATV manufacturers, but only Suzuki has been announced so far.

MX vs. ATV Alive features real riders like James Stewart (seen on the blue bike in this screenshot) and, via downloadable add-ons, real OEMs such as Suzuki.

MX vs. ATV Alive will also feature increased “bar-to-bar” physical contact between riders than previous iterations. The game’s physics engine will constantly update race track conditions through a race so the terrain will shift and change realistically lap after lap.

AMA Supercross racer James Stewart is featured on the game’s cover and was involved in the game’s development.

MX vs. ATV Alive launches in May 2011 for Xbox 360 and Playstation3 systems with a retail price of $39.99. Pricing for the Suzuki bikes and other downloadable content has not been announced.

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