Stolen bikes recovered four times

LoJack system aids unlucky motorcycle owners

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, May. 13, 2008
LoJack Corporation’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery System has been credited with the recovery of a pair of motorcycles that were each stolen four times in the last year.

Police were able to recover a 2006 Honda CBR1000 and a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R600 each time by tracing the radio signals emitted by the installed LoJack for Motorcycles devices.

A New York City surgeon realized his Honda CBR1000 was stolen from a movie theater parking lot. Police in Yonkers, NY were able to recover the bike in complete condition, save for minor damage to the ignition lock.

The surgeon’s bike was stolen and recovered three other times in the past year.

Meanwhile, a Tucson Ariz. resident reported the theft of his GSX-R600 from his apartment’s parking lot. After he contacted the police, the silent LoJack transmitter hidden on his bike was activated.

A Tucson police helicopter was able to trace the signal to another apartment complex just 14 minutes after the theft was reported. Officers found the GSX-R600 hidden in a pile of bushes.

This was the fourth time this motorcycle was recovered in nine months.

“These stories involving multiple recoveries demonstrate why LoJack is the leader in recovering valuable mobile assets,” says Ronald V. Waters, president and chief operating officer of LoJack Corp. “Time after time, our system delivers on its promise of enabling law enforcement to find and recover stolen vehicles in a timely fashion. Our proven radio frequency technology and long-standing direct integration with the police are the backbones of our system and the key drivers of our 90 per cent recovery rate.”