Scotts Valley PD to Use Zero DS

Electric motorcycle gets deputized

By Pete Brissette, Jan. 06, 2011
The Scotts Valley Police Department will be the first law enforcement agency in California to make use of one of Zero Motorcycles’ electric motorcycles.

The department is using the DS model from Zero. This is the same model editor Jeff Cobb reviewed recently as a single bike review, as well as in two-bike comparison during his Dual Sport Shootout: Electric vs. Gasoline!

The Scotts Valley police department plans to use the dual sport-type electric motorcycle local patrols and traffic enforcement. Scotts Valley, located in Santa Cruz County, has a population of approximately 11, 680 and is situated about 6 miles north of the City of Santa Cruz.

The law enforcement agency’s choice of the Zero brand of electric motorcycle seems a natural choice in light of the fact that Zero Motorcycles is also headquartered in Scotts Valley.

Scotts Valley Police Department Zero DS

The Scotts Valley Police’s use of the Zero DS will help other police agencies evaluate the bike’s effectiveness in law enforcement situations.

“The city of Scotts Valley and its police department have been very supportive of Zero Motorcycles and we are very pleased that they chose us,” said Jay Friedland, vice president of sustainability for Zero Motorcycles. “We hope this opportunity serves as the touchstone for other law enforcement agencies to see the benefits electric motorcycles have when it comes to community patrols and traffic enforcement. The silent operation of the Zero DS allows each officer to hear what’s going on around them, which enhances awareness and safety. Zero DS motorcycles also are a great cost-effective solution for small departments and we are proud to be able to support those who keep our communities safe.”

In a similar switch to electric powered vehicles, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department unveiled yesterday at its Convention Center Command Area seven Vectrix-brand electric scooters it will use to patrol the infamous Strip, also known as Las Vegas Boulevard.

The department obtained the scooters with help of a $50,000 donation from the Consumer Electronics Association given during last year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The massive electronics convention is held annually in Las Vegas. This year’s show dates are January 6 – 9.

In September 2009, Vectrix, or more correctly Vectrix Corp., a Delaware limited liability company, filed a petition in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware under Chapter 11. The Hong Kong-based Vectrix International continues to operate in the United States as Vectrix Corp., with headquarters in Massachusetts and a sales office in San Diego, Calif.

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