Rider dies in speed record attempt

Gullett lost control at over 200 mph

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 04, 2008
Cliff Gullett of Bozeman, Mont. died after crashing in an attempt to set a new land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Gullett, 47, was attempting to set a land speed record in the 500cc Streamliner class on Sept. 3 when he lost control at speeds over 200 mph.

The holder of ten motorcycle land speed records, Gullett was attempting to break his own record set Aug. 26 at Bonneville where he recorded a speed of 230 mph on his 23-foot-long 500cc Streamliner, reputed to be the world’s fastest two-stroke two-cylinder vehicle.

Gullett, who was wearing protective equipment, reportedly lost control and flipped his motorcycle during his time trial. Paramedics’ attempts to revive Gullet were unsuccessful.

Gullett was a partner in the Team Bullett land speed racing team and owned the Team Bozeman Motorsports dealership in Bozeman, Mont.