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Harley-Davidson is issuing a recall campaign for certain 2011 Softail models and some security system accessory kits.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, certain 2011 Harley-Davidson Softail models with the security system kit installed may have a faulty body control module (BCM). The casing that houses the BCM may not have been properly sealed during production, potentially allowing water to seep inside. Water intruding into the BCM may cause the engine to stall.

The problem was first identified in Aug. 2010 when a dealer technician reported a failed BCM. Harley-Davidson inspected the part and found evidence of water intrusion. Harley-Davidson then pressure tested eight sample BCM units from inventory and two of them had the same problem.

A component of the Harley-Davidson Smart Security System for Softail models was identified as the cause of the issue that led to the recall campaign.
Harley-Davidson contacted the BCM supplier, Delphi Automotive Systems who determined the problem was caused by a faulty pressure checking system. Dephi’s investigation found a failure rate of approximately 20% on BCM units.

Harley-Davidson identified two warranty claims, including the original case in Aug. 2010, that may have been caused by a faulty BCM.

Dealers will remove and replace the BCM of affected Softail models as well as those used in security system accessory kits purchased separately. The recall campaign affects a potential 6,964 2011 models in the Softail line built from June 7, 2010 to Oct. 8, 2010. An additional 805 accessory kits shipped to Harley-Davidson dealers from July 28, 2010 to Sept. 29, 2010 are also included in the campaign.

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