Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Aug. 01, 2007, Photography by N/A

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb - Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport Dominates The Traditional Mountain Race In The USA With The BMW HP2 Megamoto

On Saturday July 21st 2007 participants from all over the world in 20 different vehicle classes - ranging from 250cc motorcycles to quad bikes, automobiles and trucks - came together for the 85th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado, USA. Five BMW factory riders lined
up at the start on the new BMW HP2 Megamoto in the equally new 1200cc class. Four of these riders - the Americans Gary Trachy, Casey Yarrow,
Micky Dymond and Greg Tracy - were with one exception by far the fastest motorcyclists on their road-certified BMW 2-cylinder supermotos in the "Race to the Clouds."

In changeable weather and at temperatures varying between -2 and 20 degrees due to the altitude, over 100 motorcyclists lined up at the pre-start of this fascinating mountain track, approx. 21 km in length. It winds up from an altitude of 2862 m to 4300 m, with 156 bends along the way. At the half-way point the surface changes from asphalt to a firm natural surface - all in all a demanding run for man and machine.

Last year's overall winner, Gary Trachy, won the new 1200cc class with a time of 11:46 min, ahead of fellow team member and last year's winner of the Exhibition Class Casey Yarrow (also USA, 11:49 min). Third place went to U.S. supermoto star Micky Dymond with a time of 11:52 min. The fourth position in the ranking was taken by Greg Tracy (USA, last year's winner of the supermoto class, 11:59 min), ahead of German factory rider Marcus Barth (12:44 min), a newcomer to Pikes Peak and currently better known from the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Endurance Team.

Only one other motorcycle equaled the times of the four American BMW HP2 Megamoto riders on their largely serial production machines: this was the American Davey Durelle who achieved the PPIHC day's best time of 11:41 minutes on his very light 750cc Rotax prototype, securing overall victory and class victory in the 750cc category.

The riders of Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport unanimously confirmed that the excellent handling properties of the BMW HP2 Megamoto and its powerful torque in the lower and medium engine speed ranges had an important part to play in this outstanding result.

Winner Gary Trachy: "I was even able to improve on my last year's best time by several tenths of a second. Considering the adverse conditions I am very happy. Anyway, it's great fun taking on this difficult course on the Megamoto."

The BMW HP2 Megamoto was recently launched as the second motorcycle in the BMW Motorrad High Performance series. The striking flat-Twin engine delivers 113 bhp. In combination with the low weight of less than 200 kg in road-ready state, an adapted chassis and tyres and rims in supermoto dimensions, this motorcycle is an uncompromising riding machine: light, powerful and agile.

Results of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, 1200 cc Motorcycle Class

1. Gary Trachy, 11:46,47, BMW HP2 Megamoto, BMW Motorrad Motorsport
2. Casey Yarrow, 11:49,47, BMW HP2 Megamoto, BMW Motorrad Motorsport
3. Micky Dymond, 11:52,30, BMW HP2 Megamoto, BMW Motorrad Motorsport
4. Greg Tracy, 11:59,06, BMW HP2 Megamoto, BMW Motorrad Motorsport
5. Marcus Barth, 12:44,70, BMW HP2 Megamoto, BMW Motorrad Motorsport
6. Gordon Mullavey, 13:25,39, BMW HP2 Enduro
7. Max Statton, 14:31,91, BMW HP2 Enduro