Official Ducati fine art collection

Museum-quality prints of Ducati culture

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 22, 2009
Ducati is producing a collection of prints produced by an international group of graphic artists and photographers.

The prints center around three themes: the bikes, racing art and Ducati heritage. All prints are produced using the hexachrome fine art giclée process in vibrant, ultraviolet-resistant color.

Prints are available in four different museum-quality media (canvas, fine art paper, cultbond and cultplex) and 15 different sizes ranging from 25 cm x 25 cm (9.8 inches x 9.8 inches) to 405 cm x 135 cm (159.4 inches x 53.1 inches).

"Amnesty Please" by Mk.
"Italian Glare" by Flavio Chirico.

Artwork is available in numbered, limited and unique editions. Numbered edition works are progressively numbered and come with certificates of authenticity. Limited edition work will be available up to 100 prints, each numbered and certified. Unique edition prints are one-off pieces of art. Digital files for limited and unique edition work will be destroyed after its allotted print run to ensure the rarity of the work.

The artists selected for the Ducati art collection are: Mirko Pohle, Mk, Ottavio Di Chio, Chiara Gasparetto, Luca Imerito, Serena Zanello, Flavio Chirico, Sophie Natta, Stefano Videtta, Terry Frencken, Undesign, Paolo Gattuso, Daniel Peh, Veronica Servente, Andrea Mariani and Gabriel Phillips. Artwork will be available at select Ducati stores and online at