Year 2000 GSX-R750 First Ride

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
Suzuki has a new GSX-R750, but we aren't sure how it rides because we were not invited to the world-wide press intro ...

But because they also publish a small print magazine, our homies over at were the invited and since MO is all about sharing the love, we've provided a link so you can read what Peter Jones and his posse are saying about the new GSX-R750 before we get our hands on one. reviews tend to be more fleshed out in their print pub, American Road & Racing, but Peter's article gives a good overview of the bike and as far as we are aware it's one of the first online reviews of the bike posted.

By the way, that's Peter in the pictures. He said so. We had to ask because it looked to us like the rider in the pictures was actually fast :)!

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