New Proton KR V5 Breaks Cover

From Proton Team KR:

The all-new Proton Team KR V5 MotoGP machine, designed and built in Britain for entry in the 2003 series, made its public debut in London today, at a special press conference to launch the MotoGP season.

Proton Team KR owner Kenny Roberts and rider Jeremy McWilliams unveiled the 990cc four-stroke challenger, designed and built in the heart of England’s “Formula One Belt” outside Banbury, at the function at Home House in Cavendish Square.

The new MotoGP prototype, compact and streamlined like the record-holding KR3 two-stroke 500 that preceded it, will make its debut during the forthcoming season. The striking styling and the thorough engineering of the package won many plaudits among the assembled British press.

Kenny Roberts spoke of progress with the project.

“We are currently testing the engine, and getting it ready to race,” said Roberts.

“We’ve had it up to 14,000rpm, and we are fixing problems on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not ready to race yet.

“It’s difficult to set a schedule. We hope to have it ready for the second GP, in South Africa, but it may be we’ll continue to race the two-stroke for a little longer.

“We won’t put the new bike on the track until it is ready, and safe enough,” the former triple World Champion concluded.
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