Green Eggs and SPAM

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander

MO member "wakked1" says:
Hmmm. So I signed up (and paid for) MO. Gave them an email address specific to (and only to) MO. Today I suddenly got some spam for this address.. "Get sexed up tonight!... No waiting - Find a slut today!". How appropriate for SO.. err.. MO. I'm sure you guys won't post this tidbit...

MO does not distribute your email address to ANYONE. We've had several manufacturers and accessory companies offer big $$ to buy a list of subscribers and email addresses and they have all gotten the same reply: "Motorcycle.Com does NOT sell or distribute member information" Moridians: Please reply to this post and list the multitude of unconventional ways that SPAMMERS can obtain email addresses.

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Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander

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