VFR800 Vs R1100R

I'm in the market for a used bike to use for a 20mi
mostly-highway commute, occasional longer
rides, and occasional fun rides through the
twisties. For about the same price, I've found
a 2000 VFR800 and a 1998 R1100R (with
windshield and hard bags).

It appears that both bikes are very well-regarded.
Can anyone with experience with both bikes
comment on their relative strengths? I'm
about 6' tall, and ergonomics are important
to me. I also expect to do a fair amount of
lane-splitting on the commute, which seems
to be a concern on the R1100R due to its
width. The luggage and shaft drive on that
bike sound like advantages to me, however.


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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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