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Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
As I stood in the CA Speedway pit garrages watching the last 5 laps of the Daytona 200 on Monday, I told Johnny B and the rest of the assembled racers and mechanics, that I'd take Miguel and asked if they wanted to put $10 on a winner. There were no takers. In today's press release, Ben Bostrom explains why nobody would bet against Mr. DuHamel at Daytona, when he's in contact with the lead group. He also talks about the 600 race and his outlook for 2003.


BB NEWS - 3/13/03 Leaving Daytona with a Rolex and a podium finish is one Ben Bostrom. The Las Vegas resident returned home this season from racing overseas, to contest the AMA Superbike Championship with the factory Honda team, the same team he won the title for in 1998.

The race weekend didn't quite get off to a smooth start, however. "We've just been struggling this week with all the rain and in the 600 race too. We have a couple of the most important races of the year here, and itrains all weekend. The thing that ended up killing us was the Supersport race. My hands fell asleep during the 2nd or 3rd lap. My hands just went numb and I couldn't feel the brakes so I had to follow everybody. Thehigh frequency of that little motor is what did it. The motor was just singing, revving so much on the banking. It just put my hands to sleep. I ended up just following everyone and that was a disappointment."

"And naturally, losing the 200 race, well that was a disappointment too. A race that I really, really wanted to win. Man, that was heartbreaking. I just didn't know where those guys were going into the last chicane there,so I hit the brakes and tried to stall them out and then gas it back up. Obviously that was the wrong move to do. And Miguel, I set it up perfectly for him! With Kurtis' draft, the lapper's draft, and my draft 1-2-3, it couldn't have been any nicer for him! As a teammate, Miguel's great. He's a really funny guy. Anddefinitely a hard charger. But he beat us because he was smarter."

"But I came home to win races, to win a championship. That's why I'm here. And my bike, it is so fast. It's going to be a fun championship."

Log onto the BB NEWS page at to see a picture of Ben with his pole-position earning ROLEX. There are also new photos added to the gallery page.
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