Daytona 200, Live! And the Winner Is... Staff
by Staff
Rock on! The weather looks good at Daytona and the race is geting ready to start! Stay tuned for updates all you sad souls who're stuck @work today :-(

Personally, we're rooting for Ben, only 'cause back in the day when he was coming up the AMA ranks and racing Harleys for Bartels' (while MO was racing EBC Brakes 102 with Shawn Higbee), BBoss used to come to the slick track with us all and kick our backsides. You can tell those that have innate senses of traction...

Anyway, the warmup lap is off! Yeah!

Update: 10:02 AM PST --The Honda Show!

8:22 -- And Mat Mladin and Curtis Roberts have checked out -- Roberts just drafted the big Gixxer for the lead! Running 1:49-second laps, Aaron Yates is third, EBoss fourth and Miguel DuHamel fifth. Apparently Miguel has a nasty flu, good luck to him!

8:35 AM -- Anthony Gobert on his backup Ducati, takes the lead and is schooling people on the brakes! Wow! A twin holding off 1000cc Gixxers @Daytona. Who wouldn't thought?

Yates just over-ran the chicance, now it's Roberts, Ben Bostrom and Miguel leading -- all on Hondas! EBoss is hanging tough, though, on the old Kawy 750 -- most impressive for the kid.

GO MIGUEL! Awesome finish! Miguel nips Ben at the line, Roberts seemed to have messed up and lost the race for himself. Yates was charging hard, wheeling through the dirt at the end of the chicance but couldn't quite reel them in. Thrilling race, and the Speedvision guys probably did the best coverage jobs we've ever seen. The onboard from Miguel was amazing, and Dave Sadowski really seems to come into his own as the best bike color commentator on TV. Whew, we're tired from watching the tension -- off to Fontana to test bikes ourselves. Later, MORidians..

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